VCA Perlée signature bracelet or cartier love?

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  1. I have cartier love but my 20th is coming up and I want to get another bracelet before the price increase. I kinda of want another love in white to stack but my mom says it looks tacky and showed me the perlee.. I am pretty torn between these two...any suggestions?

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  2. I'd go with the Love, it doesn't look tacky having 2 loves.
  3. Since both are bangles, I'm going to assume you would want to stack them. I don't see how stacking 2 bangles, reguardless of the designer, would be tacky. I've seen Love bracelets stacked & I think they look lovely.

    Since you're going to be the one wearing it, go with the one that makes you're heart sing.
  4. I wear two love bracelets (YG and WG) plus a tennis bracelet (yup! all stacked up). I personally don't like the perlee ..since the engraving screams ..."hey, look ..VCA" but if it was a diamond version...hello! blinged up stack :yahoo:

    Good luck deciding.
  5. 100% agree
  6. Thanks ladies :smile:)
  7. If you Google perlee and love and then click images you'll get a really good idea of the look(s) you really like. Good luck in making such a fun choice!
  8. I would get the diamond version but just hate the price tag :sad:
  9. I really love the Cartier Love bracelet, especially the diamond version (hate the price tag, too). I have not taken the plunge yet because I'm not sure which color gold to get & I like to change out my jewelry. I'm not sure how I would like having one on all the time. I would love to have one in all 3 gold colors but I would probably die from sticker shock! :graucho:
  10. When you look at pics of the white gold love together with either white or yellow gold stacked loves (with or without diamonds) or the perlee in either white or yellow with or without diamonds they all look beautiful. You can't go wrong. When you look at pics of the combos, which combo do you feel is more "you"? I guess that's how I would approach the decision. I think the perlee stacked with the love is a little softer look while two or more loves stacked is more contemporary or edgy. All are gorgeous.
  11. Love all the way. With diamonds if you can!
  12. love of course!
  13. I prefer the look of the YG/WG LOVE combination over the VCA perlee. I think stacking the two colors makes it extremely versatile. The perlee is beautiful, but I'd like it more if if didn't literally say VCA on it.
  14. You really need to go see both bracelets in person. The love is more unisex, industrial. You see it everywhere (real and fake).
    The perlee is more feminine and refined. For those who own it, you don't see the perlee signature unless you get up close and turn it a bit. It is highly symbolic and intended for the person wearing it. There is a new perlee perles d'or that is gorgeous stacked with the signature.
    The perlee bracelet stays shiny and is easy to put on/remove.
    Both are wonderful pieces of jewelry.
  15. I would go for the white gold love. It is a classic and IMHO there is nothing tacky about it at all. The love also matches every outfit, whether it is a casual or a chic one. But ultimately it is your choice to make. Follow your gut feeling, because deep inside you have already made your choice.