VCA MOP Alhambra--does it yellow with age?

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  1. I'd like to tap upon the collective experience of VCA lovers here. I'm in love with the 10 motif MOP necklace, but I wonder if the mother of pearl can withstand frequent wearing in hot humid weather? Especially since it sits against inevitably sweaty skin round the neck?

    Is this a piece that one can wear regularly without worrying about it turning yellow or flaking? Has anyone had the MOP necklace for a number of years and worn it frequently....if so has there been any change in the condition of the MOP?
  2. I do not wear my vintage MOP pendant everyday. The SA said MOP is considered as a 'soft' material and so it should not be worn everyday for a long period of time or wear it during shower. The SA also said only soft cloth should be used to clean MOP.
  3. I agree it seems to be a porous sort of material. I am aware about needing to avoid direct contact with water, but I am curious about how it would take being worn, perhaps not every day, but for long periods against the skin. I mean, I would be tempted to wear it all summer, to beach vacations etc, as it looks so pretty with sun dresses and little spaghetti strapped T's !

    Given its price tag, it would be a bit of a pity not to be able to wear it often, and also for it to be robust enough to be able to pass it on in future as a heirloom piece.
  4. I do know second hand peice of mother of pearl VC&A alhambra necklaces clean up as good as new:P

    There not cheep I agree;)
  5. I'm wondering ... I've heard that wearing pearls is the best thing you can do for them as the natural oils in your skin keep them lustrous - maybe that works a bit for MOP as well? I'm sure that since it's a sea shell essentially (right?) that sweat wouldn't discolour it... it's a good question, I'm going to ask next time I go in. But I would think you should clean it every day if you get sunscreens etc. on it. I have 2 and I don't think I'd wear them if I knew I was slathering on the sunscreen that day - but I wouldn't shy away from sweaty days ... they'd have to have taken that into account when making them no?

    Also they have been around forever, the same basic design... I'd tend to think if they wore horribly they wouldn't be so popular? (me being hopeful as I'm a full blown VCA addict now!)
  6. I am from a very humid country. I wear mine at least 10hrs a day. I noticed a layer of grime on each MOP at the end of the day and I would use the soft cloth to wipe them off. They do not come off that easily and I have been thinking if I should give it a good wash with water???

  7. I wouldent chance washing your necklace by yourself take it into a jeweller
  8. Thanks for your responses everyone!

    Surfergirljen, good point about the sun block, I haven't even thought of that! You're right about MOP being from a shell, and I'm not sure its properties are similar to that of pearls? Wish there were more information available about MOP and its limitations with regard to usage. I reckon current owners of MOP such as yourself are the best people for me to learn from.

    I wonder if I should consider getting turquoise instead of MOP if MOP is harder to care for? I must admit I love MOP a lot more. But it's no fun getting something that I can't wear and enjoy at will.

    Geminisparklers, this grimy residue is exactly what I fear with happen. I wonder what detrimental effect it has long term, if any, and what is a safe and effective way to remove grime.

    Also I believe water shouldn't be used on MOP, so please do be cautious and double check with VCA before attempting.
  9. Does anyone like the black onxy?:wondering
  10. I'm like mine :smile:
  11. Greenstar & Heavenly, thanks for the info and advice! I shall call VCA and check.:smile:
  12. I have the Magic Alahambra MOP necklace, I don't wear it everyday and I'm very careful with it.

    However, yesterday at the beach club one of the women had the same necklace in YG, so I told her I had the same one, but I would never take it to the beach or near the pool. She said she hadn't taken it off in the 3 years since she got it. She even sleeps in it!! I have to tell you, I think she's nuts, but I took a good look at it and it still looks perfect!!
  13. Bethc, great info, thanks for sharing! Don't laugh at me, but the lady you met could well have been me if I had that necklace :nuts: Good to know that at least someone has used her MOP well and it still looks good.....or maybe the underside which is in contact with the skin isn't so pristine?

    Greenstar and vancleef fan: I think onyx is beautiful too, especially for a more formal, polished look! But I am looking for a summery piece to go with beach or resort wear, and I think MOP fits that look best. Just wish there are not so many worries about possible damage *sigh*
  14. i have the vintage alhambra necklace and earrings and so far I haven't seen any "yellowing". Probably coz I dont wear mine too often and I am very careful with mine.
  15. Heavenly I really don't think you have to worry too much about it! Maybe I'm hopeful or naive but I'm pretty sure it'll withstand some good wear. Like I said I wouldn't mess with too many oils and lotions but if that lady has worn it for 3 years straight that's a good sign!! I certainly haven't seen any complaints on this site about them not wearing well yet...

    The one thing with lotions and oils is that there is a very small space between the MOP (or turquoise) and the gold, where I can imagine lotions could get into and over time do damage... I'm sure water will not hurt it though I wouldn't shower in mine either. The consensus seems to be if you wipe them with a jewelers cloth (or a sunglasses cloth) after wearing they'll be fine. I would think that turquoise would be a bit stronger but I'm not sure - I hope someone asks the boutique as I'm so curious!! (LOL now that I've invested like $15K into MOP items!)