VCA emergency help! Please.

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  1. Ok, so the price is going up. YAY. NAY. Boo Hiss!

    I really want the 3 motif magic earrings, I love them and they made me fall in love with the brand!

    My sa just called and found one bracelet in the LE Letterwood, one piece left in all the country. sigh! I love this piece too. It really looked nice on my skin!

    I already have 3 bracelets.
    Of course I would want it, but then I can't get the earrings at all. But the bracelet is LE and the earrings are not.
    Then again I can not afford the earrings after the increase!

    I also want some necklaces, but have not even gone there , I could only get one 10 motif, but if I got the earrings I would be happy.

    I have 45 mins to decide! LOL. eek
  2. Ok, the earrings are not going up in price. Get the bracelet? IDK. 4 bracelets?
  3. If the earrings won't go up in price and are still available by the time you can afford them and you REALLY want to have the bracelet, then go for it :smile:
  4. Earrings.
    They make your heart sing!

  5. LOL. But now she is saying to get the bracelet as the earrings will always be there! OY!
  6. Get the earrings. Don't get something you love less just because it's LE or pending an increase.
  7. I have seen a photo of the all letter wood bracelet in one of my large VCA coffee table books (gift from SA). It was dated 2009. Yes...letter wood in pg.
    To be honest, the all letter wood bracelet looks a lot prettier than the LE bracelet. Just my opinion but my point is this...since the all letter wood is about to be released this November, you can always get a bracelet...and you just may like it better.
  8. I really should not get anything, just was going to take advantage of triple points and no intrest ..ect. IDK.

    I am 19 minutes late with my call! LOL
  9. And she is kinda saying I need to get the bracelet as they jumped through hoops to help me find one. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. If this is something that you feel will haunt you...and that you will eventually get anyway, just get it now and be done with it...
    Start enjoying the pieces sooner rather than later...
    If it will place you in debt, walk away.
  11. It is not a good feeling, more like forced and not enjoyable at all.
    I have a half an hour to decide.

    The bracelet because she pushed hard to get me one.

    earrings that I wanted forever, but are expensive and no budget for anything for 75 years! LOL
  12. Oh, at is just SA talk.
    Forget that. If this is such a hot item she will have no trouble selling it to another client.
    I got the same thing from my SA this particular item left and supposedly a long line waiting for it after me..and the huge price increase.
    Whatever. They do what they can because at Neimans they are on commission.
    This is another reason why I prefer to work with other SA's in general.


  13. Well this sa and store does not have VCA, so she had another store track it down.
    I feel bad.
    25 minutes. LOL.
  14. You are one of many clients.
    Do not allow this to get personal.
    You owe this SA nothing but a kind and respectful response.Even if it is no thank you.
    Just take a deep breath and do not allow yourself to feel intimidated or obligated.

  15. So true! Ty ty ty!