VCA Cosmos thread

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  1. Hi helpful TPFers,

    I meant to post in this thread:
    However, I had the error message that I couldn't reply to the thread as it was more than 258 days old??

    Anyway, I would like to revive this thread as I'm in the midst of deciding whether to add this to my collection.

    Like what the OP tpfer BBC has asked, for those who have the earrings, pendant or ring, how has it held up since you bought it?

    Especially the cosmos mop ring owners, how has the mop part held up, as in is it easily scratched if u happen to bang it?

    Occasion wise, what are the types of occasions u have reached out for any of the earclips, pendant or ring?

    Thanks in advance to any reply :flowers:

    Edit: does it look weird to wear yg vintage Alhambra pave earclips with cosmos mop pendant? Looking at different combinations to complement with my existing collection.
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  2. Hi Valnsw, did you get your answer? What did you add? Ring/earrings/pendant?

    Can I include my own question here?
    If I were to get either pave frivole earrings (yg) or cosmos mop small earrings, which one should I get? I feel like I am hugely drawn to cosmos but frivoles are just more blingy. They are almost at the same price point though.

    Appreciate any help.
  3. Both are lovely really but you may have to try them both to see which really sings to you.

    Have you thought about the Cosmos in YG Pave? They are twice the price of the YG PAVE FRIVOLE however and are only available as a SPECIAL ORDER now.

    If money is no object, they'd serve both your desires
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  4. When I asked this question, I already had the frivole pave earclips albeit in wg and not the yg that's currently being launched.
    In the end, I bought the cosmos mop pendant as I liked that it can be both pendant and brooch.

    For the same price point, I would rather get the pave frivole earclips, for the bling factor.

    To be honest, I myself am still contemplating the cosmos mop earclips but there are also other items vying for my attention. Too many other vca items to think about, lol.

    Agree with Hardasa that if money is no object, then go for the cosmos pave.
    After all, who can resist bling?
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  5. Thanks for the revive, valnsw....forgot about that thread! Did they open that Sydney VCA (or was it another Aussie city that was getting one)?
  6. Iirc, the Melbourne boutique opened second half of last year and then Sydney boutique later, can't recall exactly when.
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  7. Thank you Hadassa. Cosmos Pave is stunning, but something about the MOP + diamond version has had me go weak in the knees. Sadly I can only afford one at this time, but yeah if money were no object, I would get all three! ;)

    Yes I agree the bling factor is what's pulling me in. :facepalm: I am so confused. How do you like your cosmos Mop pendant? What do you think you'd wear more out of frivole pave & cosmos if you had cosmos mop too?
  8. I like the Cosmo mop pendant for its presence compared to my other pendants (the vintage Alhambra & frivole pave) when the occasion calls for it and I feel it still looks gd even when worn with certain casual clothing.

    As for earclips, between frivole pave and cosmos mop, this is a hard question to answer since I don't have the latter yet.

    But if I were to get Cosmo mop, I would prob wear for semi formal kinda of events. The mop gives it a more 3D look (somewhat like moonstone?) and more interesting variation in terms of colour (one petal pave while others are mop) vs pave which is uniformly diamonds.
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  9. The cosmos MOP earrings are stunning. I have had my eye on them IMG_1491627345.396343.jpg
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  10. Major Congrats! Love these as they are on my wishlist too.

    How are they compared to the other vca earclips that u have and what made u decide to get those?