VCA, Cartier or Bulgari poll

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Which ring is the best suited for the left hand ring finger?

  1. VCA Vintage Alhambra YG MOP ring

  2. Cartier Panthere ring

  3. Bulgari YG Serpenti ring

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2014
    I would love to get your advice. If you had to pick the most suitable ring to wear on the left hand ring finger which would you choose? This is not an engagement or promise ring. Thank you!

    VCA Vintage Alhambra YG MOP ring
    Cartier Panthere ring
    Bulgari YG Serpenti ring
  2. Can't be any real help here because they are all great rings .
    There is one advantage to the Serpenti which I have found out recently is that it gives a little so if your fingers are hot or cold it is still comfortable . I think the panthere used to be like that but a friend has said they don't stretch anymore but can't confirm that .
    Other consideration might be if you want to wear it everyday MOP might not be that durable unless you remove it when washing your hands . Then there is the risk of loosing it .
  3. ^ I agree re the mop it was my first thought.....
  4. You two make a good point about the MOP VCA. Perhaps the Magic all diamond WG is a better choice. I have yet to try on the Serpenti but will take a close look this weekend. Do you think wearing it on the left hand ring finger is ok? All 3 do not read traditional wedding ring etc.
  5. I have the Panthere and love love it
  6. It is amazing. Do you always wear it on your middle finger? Would you consider wearing it on the ring finger?
  7. Panther for sure. Which Panther is it btw
  8. I vote for the Cartier - such a gorgeous ring!
  9. This Panthere.

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  10. All so different and unique. I think Van cleef is very pretty but Cartier is so so chic and such an statement ring. My vote Cartier
  11. Pics of everything would help. Not everyone is familiar w/ each piece.
  12. Here is the Bulgari. This ring doesn't come in YG with diamonds so it is Rose gold.

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  13. And here is the VCA. Are these appropriate rings to wear on the left hand ring finger? Love all 3 of these is so difficult to chose and then determine if it is even ok to purchase for the left hand.

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