VCA black box time period?

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  1. I've only known VCA boxes that are green with black inside, but recently I purchased a ring from an auction that came in a black box with cream inside. Both box and ring are authentic, but seller doesn't know when it was purchased. The ring is not on VCA's current site catalogue.


    Does anyone else have a similar box? Any idea what year it's from? Thanks!
  2. Hmm...I have something from 2001 and it came in a blue suede box. I bought something in 2003 and was given a box like this. Hope this helps!
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  3. That does help! What did you buy for the box in 2003, if you don't mind sharing?

    This is the ring I got, and I was wondering if it had a name (like how the current eternities in vca's catalogue is named félicité, romance, etc), or where I could find out more information about it.
  4. I got an Alhambra 10-motif necklace. For some reason the SA gave it to me in this huge, fancy necklace box clearly meant for something way more expensive!
  5. And that’s a beautiful ring BTW.
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