VCA and Stone Treatment / Enhancement

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  1. Recently finding out that Tiffany's treats almost all of the major precious and semiprecious gemstones in some way (except for of course diamonds), it got me wondering if VCA does the same. I know that VCA "stabilizes" their turquoise, which seems to be in order to increase its durability and to make sure it doesn't change color over time. But, for instance, almost all commercially available onyx is dyed and carnelian is almost always heated (and this is true of Tiffany's according to their disclosures) - do you think VCA does these type of treatments as well?

    I asked my SA previously if VCA treats any of their stones, but I got kind of an evasive answer saying that VCA itself only shapes, polishes, and sets the stones (which didn't seem to answer if their stones were treated, regardless if by VCA or by their stone source).

    Let me know if you all have any insight.
  2. Interesting thread topic and id love to hear some insights!