VCA Alhambra vintage or Cartier DLDC

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  1. Decisions, decisions! I don't know what should I buy. So I'm asking you the experts of all :smile:. This will be a daily necklace. On a daily basis all I wear is my 1 ct HOF earrings, Cartier BB watch and my Love bracelet. I want a classy, simple but different necklace that can complement my daily accessories.

    So is either Cartier DLDC (large pendant)

    Or VCA Alhambra vintage
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    For everyday, I'd pick diamants légers de Cartier. It just looks so sophisticated. Right amount of flash for everyday. I bought Tiffany's dbty last week as an everyday wear. Good luck with your decision.
  3. I would go with cartier for everyday only because this particular piece is understated
  4. VCA all the way! I have the same necklace in YG

  5. Can you share a mod pic with yours?
  6. VCA! I have that piece and it works with everything!! Love it!!

  7. Can you share a mod pic?
  8. It is at VCA getting lengthened at the moment... But I would be happy to post one when I get it back!
  9. Did you feel it was too short?
  10. I like a bit of length on my wasn't too short at it's longer length, but I like having the option of wearing it a bit longer.
  11. I love the VCA single motifs - distinctive, but really can work for almost any non-formal occasion and they go with everything. One thing I don't love about the Cartier is that it looks like Tiffany DBTY - or, frankly, like almost any diamond solitaire. There is nothing distinctive about this design. I imagine a comparably-priced VCA piece (or a distinctive Cartier) would hold its value better because of the design.
  12. I vote for VCA. Here is a mod pic for you :smile:

    Attached Files:

  13. I'd vote for the VCA.
    The Cartier is lovely, but it's a common design.
  14. VCA for sure. It has a classic go with practically everything styling. It's just more interesting but classic!
  15. Is the MOP in VCA very delicate?
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