VCA Alhambra earrings

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  1. I wanted to know the price of three earrings that I have my radars on...

    1: The mother of pearl single alhambra ear clips

    2: The mother of pearl double alhambra earrings. (The one that hangs lose)

    3: The mother of pearl alhambra earrings with the turquoise butterflies.

    If anyone knows the current prices for these beauties, please feel to fill me in!
  2. ^I am not sure that link is completely updated. I think the price of the MOP single ear clips is $2,950 (vs. $2,750 on that list) as that is next on my list and I just asked the price a few weeks ago. There was a price increase last month. I would add $200-$300 for anything on that list in $USD.

    I don't know the prices of the other items on your list.