VB's shoes? I know it's kinda old

  1. Can someone tell me the shoes VB was wearing on the bottom of the pics with her JPG Birkin?

  2. Sergio Rossi Suede Patent Sandals.jpg
  3. ...thanks ashakes!

    gotta say love sergio rossi!
  4. They are cute shoes! Other than NAP, I don't believe the boutiques even carried them. Vivre.com had them at one point, but I don't remember if they were even this same color combination.

    Regardless, you're welcome. :smile:
  5. That girl wears heels like nobody's business. She is totally hot in these Sergio's and in her YSL Tributes (6" version). She was born with feet made for stilettos...or an incredibly high pain threshold.
  6. LOVE those shoes...dang.
  7. I loved this shoe too but when I checked the Sergio Rossi boutiques back in the summer time, they were long sold out. I think eBay is the only option now.

  8. LOL ditto :yes:
  9. Me too.
    My next purchase maybe?:p

  10. I forgot to mention (in addition to always looking hot in her heels), she maanages to walk in them with such style and grace. I always chuckle when I see girls wearing skyscrapers and walking like a horse....clonk...clonk...clock, hunched over with their knees bent.

    When I first started wearing heels, my mother insisted I learn to walk upright and gracefully...otherwise I wouldn't be allowed to wear them.