VBH vs. Hermes

  1. I'm an Hermes addict but have started admiring VBH bags---not just the small clutches (which are great in exotics) but the satchels. They appear to be very well made, hand stitched, interlined in linen, solid brass hardware. They are more under the radar than the designer name brands like Chanel or LV so don't seem to overcharge. Does anyone have an opinion as to the quality----if I am to spend over $3000 on a bag, would you do so if it is not Hermes; is VBH worth the money?
  2. Though VBH does not have the prestige of Hermes. i really like the craftmanship that goes into these limited edition handmade purses. I love my VBH and they will accommodate a SO purse to your specifications such as types of leather or exotics skins. They are very pleasant to work with and would go out of their why to give the customer what they want.
  3. I like the exotic look and certain clutches but for me no contest!!!!
  4. BlueParrot, I'm a big fan of VBH -- the quality is excellent! Though H remains in a league of its own, there is something very special about VBH. I've purchased 2 Breras over the last couple of months and am quite pleased. Because I've got a number of solid-color Birkins, I tend to look to VBH for something a little "different." I got a black studded number and one in a leopard print eel skin. The latter of which is way more fantastic than it sounds!! :biggrin:

    As pinki682 mentioned, they are great about SOs. The boutique in NY is fantastic - I'd definitely recommend putting it on the To Do list for anyone who hasn't been...
  5. Thanks for posting this thread, I was wondering the same about VBH qualitey. I'm currently saving up for a black Bolide or Victoria (I keep changing my mind), but VBH's Brera is an option too. Graycat, does the leather on the Brera compare to any H leather? I love H Fjord and Togo, but Clemence not so much. And does it hold its shape? It is considerably less expensive than an H bag, and really nice, but still a lot of money. Does VBH also repair/spa their bags?
  6. Blue Parrot! Thank you as well for starting this thread! I also have been thinking the same thing about quality, etc. on her bags. They look lovely and very understated and I have been thinking recently of an understated alternative bag which may be close in quality to H (which can be hard to find). Also thank you to Pinki682 and Greycat5 for sharing some information on special requests and quality! Greycat5...would love to see pictures of your bags...they sound like beauties!
  7. what is VBH?
  8. :heart: VBH!!!! was able to visit their store in italy! bags in all sorts of skins, colors, fabrics! their clutches are so well made, i had to stop myself fr drooling!

    i think it's worth buying their clutches , it seems to be their specialty. as for the bigger bags, it's very under the radar , and quality wise very good too.

    the more the merrier right? VBH or Hermes! :biggrin:
  9. Thanks, Lu, I was just going to ask myself:biggrin:
    Maybe Victoria Beckham?
  10. Yeah, what's VBH???
  11. VBH is not Victoria beckham it's a lovely brand that makes wonderful clutches and hand bags in vast collection of materials there more iconic clutch is one that looks like an envelope and there logo are three little metal dashes that are placed somewhere on the bags google VBH clutch or VBH bags and you will see them for sure they are becoming better known on a hush hush level and I just want to add they are becoming the new timeless evening option and pushing Judith Lieber aside not that they look like Judith Lieber. So hope it helps and do check them out it's definatly worth It!!!!!!!

    P.S although they have been around for a while they are still at a good price level that I am sure will sky rocket soon just like reed krakoff
  12. I just saw them on BG website. Very nice, a little too edgy for me at my age. I think the clutch silhouette is beautiful and I'm sure you could get more in it than what I can get in my Judith Leiber bags! (a credit card or a sample size lipstick, LOL!)
  13. They are nice but I think better to save for h. Jmho. 3k I still a lot for a bag. If not h then I buy around the 1-2k since there is no comparable in h other than casual bags or a wallet! Lol
  14. Thanks for all the replies and information. Glad to know that the quality is great and they will work with you for special orders.
  15. BlueParrot VBH is a fantastic brand. I've collected their clutches for years now and the finish and quality are impeccable not to mention the packaging! I think if you can afford it, it's worth it.