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  1. Hello ladies,

    I am currently pregnant with my 2nd baby. I had a CS with my first and will be attempting a VBAC this time around. I was wondering if anyone here had a VBAC? (Vaginal Birth after CS). Any advice? Tips? Did you have a doula?

    I was induced the first time around due to being overdue, low amnio fluid and meconium in amnio. Fetal distress and failure to descend led to an emergency CS at 9cm when they broke my water.

    If you were induced the first time did you go into spontaneous labor on your own the 2nd time?

    I'm worried of history repeating itself. I'm so scared of another CS. That recovery pain was atrocious. And I can't imagine having to take care of my very active 2 year old and a newborn while recovery from surgery.
  2. I had a vbac with my second. I went into labor both times on my own so never had to be induced. I also had a doula and a doctor who was very invested in the vbac. I also saw a chiropractor who was experienced in the Webster technique - so basically I did everything I could to stack the odds in my favor. Physical recovery from the vbac took the same time as my section but mental recovery was much much faster. Good luck and go into it with a positive frame of mind and be prepared to go with the flow - I'm convinced that helped too.
  3. Thank you! Would love to get a doula but my DH thinks one will be useless especially if I have a CS again. He says he will demand our money back :rolleyes: I would love to have one that will help me get into positions to help baby descend. Right now I'm at my OBs practice but I will switch again to my midwives I had with my son.

    I've been looking into a chiro and I was also told about acupuncture.

    I feel like my son's failure to descend was due to them not letting me get up and walk to deal with the contractions. I got the epi at 7cm because my contractions were back to back and they weren't letting me out of bed. So I said screw it because I was getting no relief.

    I'm trying to stay very positive and read a lot of online blogs about VBAC birth stories but there's always that small feeling in the back of my head telling me I won't be able to do it.

    Did you have a natural VBAC birth or got the epi? Did you feel any pain at the incision site while in labor?
  4. I had three VBAC's, all good experiences. My husband was a Christian Scientist so they were all with midwives and no meds. The last one was at home. Yeah it hurt, but what a high when the baby comes. I had no pain or problems with the previous incision and found the recovery to be much easier that the CS.

    My first was a nightmare. He was in posterior position, I think they called it, and I couldn't push him out. And because we had started at a birth center we were treated as weirdos when we finally had to go to the hospital. But this was 1989...I think there are more options allowed now.

    I hope you get your doula and have the good experience you're hoping for.
  5. Thank you so much! I am researching for some local doulas currently and hoping to narrow it down and start interviewing them. Have 3 more months so time is ticking. Once I get back from vacay in early May I will be switching back to my midwife practice and looking for a chiropractor. I'm getting very nervous and action about history repeating itself that I'll be overdue, no spontaneous labor, etc. =/ Hoping for the best.
  6. I have had two naturally but they were very different labours and deliveries (you mentioned being worried about history repeating itself).
  7. I know doctor even told me all pregnancies are different and it's something I can't control. But the anxiety is still there in back of my mind. I'm just hoping I'll go into labor on my own, etc. I got induced the first time.
  8. Hi, I was in a similar position like you when I had my first (ended up in emergency csection), and was scheduled for another csection with my 2nd.

    I went into labor 3 weeks before my csection date. I also made sure to schedule it as late as possible as I was hoping for a vbac although I was deathly afraid of it (tearing, etc). I also had gestational diabetes, so I was afraid that he was going to be too big to be pushed out.

    But things always work out the way it suppose to and I went into labor. I had a doctor and a midwife attend to me. Both assured me that I can have a successful vbac despite me panicking at last min asking for a csection. I'm glad I listened.

    It wasn't easy. I was pushing for 2.5 hours, but it was all worth it. Recovery was great and when I got home from the hospital, my oldest was sick with a fever and wanted only me. So I was very happy that I was up and mobile the minute I got back.

    I wish you a quick recovery whether you end up with a csection or vbac. If this helps alleviate your anxiety, I've heard from several people that the recovery time is much faster with the 2nd csection.

  9. Thank you so much! Hopefully that'll be my case go into labor on my own and be able to push. I didn't even get to push the first time.

    I think the 2nd CS is easier because you're not going through labor and exhausted. Just show up for the operation time. I had my CS after 12 hours of laboring. Got to 9cm they broke my water and baby never descended =/ I was so tired and out of it by the time I was in the OR.

    I'm also worried about having a CS and having to care for my toddler. He's very attached to me and is extremely active. So that and caring for a newborn after surgery is something I don't want to have to deal with.
  10. I wanted a natural birth with both of mine and had a doula for both. I labored for 28 hours with my first but the cord was around her neck several times so I ended up with a c section. For my second, I found a doctor and midwife who supported my VBAC choice and would let me go past 40 weeks. The doctor who delivered my first wouldn't even consider it, my second doctor would only 'let' me go to 40 weeks...finally found one who was supportive!

    I got to 41 weeks, thought I was in labor, but when my doula came to check on me, she took my BP and it was 190/110. She took me to the hospital and my midwife came about an hour later - I wasn't really in labor. She said they could attempt an induction so I could try VBAC but it was risky because of my blood pressure - or I could rest and they would do a c-section in the morning. She said I would most likely end up with a c-section anyway since baby was not ready to come out by herself...so I went with the c section.

    TOTALLY agree that the second CS was easier! I was so afraid recovery would suck like it did with my first but it was honestly a breeze in comparison. I had a 2.5 year old when the second one was born and it was not as bad physically as I was expecting. I was up and moving in a matter of days that took weeks with the first one. I still wish I would have been able to have at least one kid naturally but they're both healthy so that's all that matters. :heart:
  11. I agree that the recovery from the second c-section is usually a lot easier than the first. Also consider the fact that you were in labour for some time before the emergency c-section. Your were probably exhausted and worried about your baby. Second time c-section planned ahead of time is easier because you will not be going through the labour process and will be well rested beforehead.
  12. True but if trying for a VBAC leads to another Emergency CS after hours of labor I don't think it'll be as easy. I'll be in the same boat as the first time.
  13. Totally agree with you. That's why I suggested c-section planned ahead of time instead of VBAC may not be as bad as the first time........I too had an emergnecy c-section due to complications the last time around. Now that i am expecting my second, i am planning for a c-section again... Too worried about the potential complications of VBAC and don't wanna risk having another emergency section after failing labour. Whatever your decision may be, i wish you all the best with the pregnancy and birth.
  14. Thank you. Had my first visit with my midwives and I'm good to go.

    Good luck!
  15. :yes: that's why when they offered me an induction or to schedule the c/s for the next morning, I chose the c/s. I knew an induction was most likely going to fail and did not want to cause an emergency. My BP was through the roof though - that played a big part in my decision.
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