VB Shops non-stop; Drops $100K in a day

  1. Quoting from TMZ:

    "David Beckham may be getting $250 million for joining the L.A. Galaxy soccer team, but it's Victoria who has made it her job to start spreadin' the cash. Spendy Spice! The out-of-work singer has been house-hunting in the Hollywood Hills near the homes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Britney Spears. Talk about keeping up with the Joneses.

    Although they don't have new digs yet, that hasn't stopped the android fashionista from lining up plans to decorate her three sons' future bedrooms. Posh contracted with celeb favorite kids boutique Petit Tresor to custom design the abodes of Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz -- at a cost of $100K -- which is actually less than David makes in a day! Victoria wants the rooms to have soccer murals, soccer beds, soccer bean bag chairs, soccer ottomans and soccer desks. We're detecting a theme here. Samantha Winch, co-owner of Petit Tresor, tells TMZ, "The idea is to make you feel like you're in a soccer stadium like dad." Endorsement deals and screaming fans sold separately.

    Victoria also shopped for $12K worth of the new spring items for the boys and had them shipped to Beckingham Palace in the UK. Among the posh trinkets were five colorful balls, a $369 toy plane, Nordic Fairisle sweaters and a $410 red leather Hermes diaper bag. Is the supercouple adding a new member to Team Beckham?"

    Link: Posh Shops Non-Stop: Drops $100K in a Day - TMZ.com
  2. How do they know what she spends :shrugs:
  3. ^ well... the article is saying she went to Petit Tresor... so they probably reported how much she spent. it's not uncommon to hear or read about how much celebs spend on luxuries

    It's a bit too much, but I guess that's normal for them?
  4. i think our fascination for "celebrities" and "athletes" lets them spend that much...
  5. If i was rich, then i would probably do the same. It seems like alot to us, but it says that he makes over 100k a day!!!
  6. I would think it´s her right to spend how ever much she pleases and I for one wouldn´t want other people to know how much I´ve spent at a store. Lil privacy please:confused1:
  7. As long as it's her money she can do whatever she want with it and nobody should care about it. They've been making a lot of money for a long time, so no wonder she can afford to spend such big amounts of it in one day.
  8. when you have plenty of money, you can spend in whatever way you want.:yes:
  9. never liked her anyway :p
  10. It's all relative. I mean, the article does say it's less than he makes a day. How many of us go shopping and spend more than what we make a day?
  11. It's not her money, it's Davids! They apparently had a fortune of £90million before the move to LA Galaxy, she's apparently contributed only £15million!

    She's a very lucky girl! Not only is she super rich, she's married to 1 of the hottest guys on the planet!!!!
  12. I would want the store I patronize to respect my private transactions!
  13. ITA
  14. Isn't his contract for LA 250m for 5 years? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's 1m a week. Even with taxes they can still afford it, I think.
  15. Why do you say that? She was a spice girl with a deal with Rock and Republic, why wouldn´t she have her own money:confused1:I don´t believe for a second that´s all she made.