VB shopping in Rome *NEW PICS*

  1. :nuts:
    60323_VB_shopping_in_Rome_01_122_571lo.jpg 60334_VB_shopping_in_Rome_02_122_542lo.jpg 60343_VB_shopping_in_Rome_03_122_496lo.jpg 60356_VB_shopping_in_Rome_04_122_558lo.jpg 60367_VB_shopping_in_Rome_05_122_373lo.jpg
  2. And more:
    60379_VB_shopping_in_Rome_06_122_466lo.jpg 60391_VB_shopping_in_Rome_07_122_356lo.jpg 60407_VB_shopping_in_Rome_08_122_489lo.jpg 60418_VB_shopping_in_Rome_09_122_529lo.jpg
  3. gorgoeus .... i adoore her LOOK ...

    i wonder what did he end up getting from FENDI? :d
  4. Ohh. I actually like those slouchy pants on her! They are a bit too long but really cute! I could never pull them off!

    I didn't realize she had those tats as well. HOT!
  5. I love her style and think she looks fabulous in these pictures BUT....what is she thinking with those pants??? They look about 10 sizes too big!! She looks ridiculous in those things!! lol
  6. Her outfit is HOT! She can carry any style and still look good.
  7. WOW!! i could never pull off those pants, but she looks REALLY good!
  8. Woah. Those pants look like something a scuzzy skater boy would have worn in my middle school days. Baggy is one thing, but these are ridiculous!
  9. Victoria looks wonderfu, and most of the time I love her outfits! But this time, I am sorry those pants were way to big on her!
  10. That is a very similar look to what she was wearing stylewise at the time she and David first got together.:smile:
  11. I love that look...its so cute!!
  12. I'm not digging the pants at all.. these couldn't even fit Becks !
  13. gorgeous....yowzer..
  14. hmm... i think she accidently put on david's pants when she got dressed in the morning.

    other than that, lovely as always
  15. am actually liking it! she looks fab!