VB @ Olympus Fashion week and out and about in NY *PICS*

  1. I LOVE the pics with the gloves and the white shirt! VERY SEXY!:nuts::graucho: AND HER RING!!! :shocked:
    vic_olympusjacobs4.jpg vic_olympusjacobs10.jpg vic_olympusjacobs39.jpg vic_olympusjacobs1.jpg vic_olympusjacobs14.jpg vic_olympusjacobs16.jpg vic_olympusjacobs25.jpg vic_olympusjacobs43.jpg vic_olympusjacobs45.jpg
  2. I am not a fan of the outfit in the first three pics.:s What's up, Vic?!:shrugs: But the dress she wore to the afterparty is HOT!!!:love:
    vic_nyvsecretshop2.jpg vic_nyvsecretshop26.jpg vic_nyvsecretshop58.jpg vic_olympusafparty4.jpg
  3. Stunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning
  4. PS: Look at 2nd row ..pic #4 .. the woman sitting between VB and demi mooore ... is it from the latest LV collection ? :wtf: :wtf:
  5. Totally agree with you. Something about the plaid not looking right with it but she looks great in the grey instead and the dress! She looked a little shiny/plasticky in a couple of the pics but I think it's just lighting.
  6. OMGGG ... i cant stop starrrrrrrring at her white outfit ... :heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. Alright, for once, I have to say I don't like any of her outfits. You know me, normally I'm loving everything, but not this time.
  8. GOOD EYE!!!:nuts:
  9. Kathyrose, I meant the first three pics in post #2. I do LOVE the plaid :shame: but HATE that caftan or whatever you call that thing with the black tights!:yucky:
  10. Interesting; I never thought of wearing leaopard pumps with grey pants, but it works! That's probably the only of all of her looks I can pull off (less the wide leather belt/waist sash). Us mere mortals can only aspire.
  11. Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Glenda Bailey and Victoria Beckham at Marc Jacobs Front Row on 9/11/2006.
    WireImage: Listings
  12. Just got these in the email from a friend. MJ is SO CUTE!!!:nuts:
    vicbag.jpg vicbag1.jpg vicmark.jpg vicpants.jpg vicshow.jpg vicskirt.jpg
  13. Looking fab as usual! I love the two outfits with the white shirts and the white dress!! I don't like the gold dress thing either. :yucky: I would love to see her closet, not that anything she owns would fit me, but I can imagine it amazing. :drool:
  14. Good old VB you can count on her to to show up and look great.
    Just needs to gain a little weight.

    LV Is that VB on your aviator photo???
  15. BTW: I took some photos of her with her most recent cut/color and had my hair colored similar- I love it.
    I also love her in that dress in the second set of pictures. With the black tights and shoes- very cute.