VB @ Cipriani's in London *PICS*

  1. :wlae:
    vic_centlondondinner1.jpg vic_centlondondinner2.jpg vic_centlondondinner7.jpg vic_centlondondinner10.jpg
  2. Her face looks like a doll as always. So pretty!
  3. What boots are those? Prada?
  4. and is the bag Prada too?
    in the first pic she looks like an alien....
  5. the is very pretty
  6. I love the boots too
  7. I want the bag.
  8. LOVE the bag and boots. It looks alittle like a Miu Miu/Prada type bag? Not sure tho. She looks really pretty in the second pic. :heart:
  9. She looks really hot, love the boots, the bag is lovely too!
  10. i THINK the bag is Miu Miu. They've been doing a lot of bags with those gold clasps on the front.

    love VB and her bags!
  11. Hot!
  12. Looking gorgeous!
  13. Nice bag
  14. Perfect. LOVE the boots.
  15. can she please close her mouth??!! she looks ridiculous