VB and kids @ Heathrow (back from Madrid) *PICS*

  1. Her boys are GORGEOUS!!!:love:
    vic_heathrowwithkids1.jpg vic_heathrowwithkids2.jpg vic_heathrowwithkids4.jpg vic_heathrowwithkids5.jpg
  2. I like how the B's dress them to look like ordinary boys (prob. expensive clothes, but still "all boy"). The harsh lights and attention must be hard on them.
  3. They are cute...they probably hate being dressed all alike, tho
  4. It would be hard to be the child of a celeb couple like VB and Becks... but they really are adorable!
  5. The all look so beautiful.
  6. LOL. I dress my boys alike and my oldest LOVES it! The baby is obviously too young to care!

    I love her!
  7. OMG OT: That was post 1,000 for me! WHOOOO HOO:yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. nice pics, I feel very sorry for the children, they were probably shattered and just wanted to sleep, instead bright lights and flashes are keeping them awake.
  9. The son (Romeo?! i can't remember his name) in the third pic looks absolutely PO'ed at being woken up by flashes! I'd say if he was 10 years older he'd probably be picking a fight with the photogs!
  10. VB- time for a girl!:graucho:
  11. they're so cute :smile:
  12. so cute! and it's nice that she seems to spend a lot of time with them.
  13. I don't know if it's just me but the son vb is pushing looks almost to big to be pushed around in a stroller. great pics though!!
  14. If they keep producing boys like they're doing the Beckhams will have their own soccer team. :P
  15. The one in the stroller (Brooklyn, right?) looks really POed at being there! Kinda has a surly look...when he's older I wonder if he'll be one of the celebs flipping off the photogs LOL