VB and Brooklyn @ Heathrow leaving for Tokyo *PICS*

  1. He is adorable!!!:love:
    vic_heathtotokyo9.jpg vic_heathtotokyo10.jpg vic_heathtotokyo11.jpg
  2. Great Pics
  3. they are adorable.....
  4. She is a walking fashion show. I am from California. I never really hear about VB and Becks... They are real A list celebs in Europe! She is always dressed to the nines!
  5. Love these pics! :biggrin:
  6. They are adorable! I just realized that she wears alot of black but she looks great!
  7. Brooklyn is going to be really popular with girls when he grows up..he's such a cutie and having David and Victoria as parents won't probably hurt either :yes:
  8. They look gorgeous as usuall... but does anyone think that Brooklyn probably weighs more than Mom?
  9. can't imagine traipsing through an airport in those heels... I guess if I had a sherpa to tote all of my things it might be do-able!
  10. He's such a cutie!
  11. she looks great, and what a cutie he is :smile:
  12. I read an interview of hers a couple of days ago and it was so sweet how excited she was about getting to spend quality alone-time with Brooklyn in Tokyo. Just the two of them without her other boys, bless!
  13. cute and adorable :smile:
  14. Her shoes are hella fab! She looks great and he is a cutie!
  15. Hot