vavin gm, yay or nay?

  1. so i've tracked down the last vavin gm in canada, should i get it? i already have the mono neverfull, and was hoping for a more structured work bag, should i get it or should i pass? by the way, i did a board search and wasn't able to find any modeling pictures, can any one provide a gm modeling pix? tks
  2. this was my first lv- i really loved it. it has 'sections' inside, which is really nice. it looks great with dressy clothes, as well as jeans. it also can hold plenty- very deceiving. my *only* problem w/it is that b/c it is structured, the bottom, over time, 'buckles'. no matter how i stuffed it, i could not keep it from buckling. it only seemed to do it on one side, though, so you could keep that side facing you. it really bugged me, though, so i sold it. i really like that bag, though. good luck!
  3. I have seen the Vavin GM in real life, and I loved it! I say YAY!
  4. tks ladies....anyone else? ...i guess this is not a very popular bag on the board.
  5. hmm...i love lv. but i think id pass on the vavin. i have the neverfull too and i love it for work.
  6. I have the PM (in SO damier ebene), never have seen the GM though. The PM is a little small for me but the sections make it so useful. It is a more structured look, but I don't know if I would want 2 bags that are similar.

    Are you able to send for it to try on? If not, maybe try a Cabas to get the idea of how it would look. What about the Manosque- it is different but has a similar style.
  7. Nay!
  8. I LoVe this bag! Get one!! It is gorgeous!
  9. I love the vavin gm! I used mine for a very long time - it did buckle on the bottom, but I still continued to use it. It's on a break right now:p
  10. I saw that bag on a girl once and thought it was so cute. She was wearing jeans and boots but she looked really cute with it. So I bought the bag a couple months later and for me that bag did not work. It is a classy chic look, but didn't work out good. I ended up selling it to a friend of mine and she uses it all the time. She loves it!!!!!
  11. I had that bag and loved it!! As others said, the sections inside were the best feature--kind of like a built in purseket.
  12. Yay !!! Love it !!!
  13. its big and bulky (structured) and it thats what ur looking for then GO FOR IT!!!!
  14. I like how it has alot of organized sections in it, but I'm not a fan because there are alot of other bags right now (and in the very near future) that grab my attention....but go for it if you LVOE it !!!!!
  15. Yay, I LOVE it! The style and size are both just so elegant and classic.