Vavin GM/Large Bucket

  1. What do you guys think of the Vavin GM & the Large Bucket??? Pros/Cons??? Feedback from those of you who have one pls:flowers:
    vavin gm.jpg large bucket.jpg
  2. i have the vavin gm, its really nice i use it as a school bag, love the look and it can be held flat against your body,idk bout the bucket
  3. i like the bucket, it's very classic looking:yes:
  4. i don't own either... but i personally think the vavin looks better than the bucket. :smile:
  5. i have the vavin gm, it is good for days when you have a heavy load of stuff. and there are compartments at the side, great for storing little stuff. i don't like the large bucket because there are more vachetta to worry about, unlike the vavin.
  6. I prefer the vavin because there's less vachetta...
    Also, the bucket is a bit too tubular for my taste.
  7. Ya... fan of the Vavin GM... ;)
  8. i love the vavin gm. i tried the bucket, but i just didn't like it the same way. (i thought i'd love it.) the vavin gm looks nice with jeans, dressed up, the compartments are great, and there's a snap pocket and a zipper pocket. also, i never see them.
  9. i have the vavin gm, however i hate it.
    but i also hate the shape of the bucket, im a fan of the petit bucket.

    but if i had to choose one i would def choose the bucket.
  10. I have the large bucket. Some days I love it, some days it seems like I'm bumping into stuff with it. It has a very structured bottom and sometimes I forget how much it sticks out. There's not a WHOLE lot of vachetta. The bottom is canvas. And, a big plus, it has feet on the bottom. It is very classic looking, though. It holds a ton. The vavin looks like a nice bag. I like the shape of it. Another difference is you can adjust the handles on the bucket. It's a good everyday bag. But sometimes it is a little bulky with that oval hard bottom.
  11. Not sure what the pro's and con's are aside from the i think the large bucket is too big.
    I would prefer the Vavin GM
  12. I like the Vavin GM better. Buckets just don't look right on me...
  13. Vavin GM! The large bucket is huuuuuge.
  14. I have a vavin GM and use it everyday! I love the fact that is lays flat against my body. It also fits as much as you want and looks great with much of my work clothes. :flowers:
  15. Vavin GM all the way! The large bucket is too bulky against the body IMO.