Vava Vegas!

  1. Just got back from Vegas with Icechick where she bought the whole Hermes boutique out of stock:tup:

    From Vuitton, I got the Amarante Sunset strip, which she picked out for me, will post pics tomorrow, promise! I love that little beauty! who cares about fingerprints.. it comes with its own dustcover and cloth to wipe them off with if they bother you...

    Also got the damier passport cover and a mono cles as a gift for a friend who helped with my surgery...:heart:

    Also, did some damage at Manolo Blahnik and Christian Dior and got the cutest denim Dolce and Gabbana dress which will look great with all of the above.

    I missed the 128 degree weather yesterday, since I returned on sunday. Poor Icechick, she's still there:wtf:

    Anyway, will post pics of my new babies tomorrow. Been out of it and not sure if people are liking the Sunset strip, just saw the post of the perle and azur.... we saw the cutest bag sightings in Vegas, will tell when I post.... hooray for TPF! and TPF friends!:heart:
  2. congrats! love to see pics!
  3. oooh great pics Vee!!! can't wait to see pics! we just missed each other, I left vegas on monday ... no LV for me though, haha.
  4. Congrats!

  5. awww, you were a very good girl, I was bad... icechick was worse...:p

    Just got the UPS call that the Manolo's are in... :wlae: I had my stuff shipped to make life easier...

    wasn't it hot? Where did you stay? I stayed at the Flamingo.. it was totally nuts, so different than Kauai:yes:
  6. Sounds like you had a blast!
    Where's the manolo boutique in Vegas. We're going back in October and well, you know!
  7. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  8. It's in the Bellagio (I am pretty sure); and prices there were much better than at Neiman's. We both got some pink patent open toe heels (GORGEOUS) for about $230; we both got the same shoes...:smile: like high school girls....

    but, then I got the red mary janes (so hot!), not on sale and she got gold and silver strappy heels, both on sale. Hit that boutique around sale time, you'll get some beaaauuutiful deals... :drool::yes:
  9. Woww can't wait to see your pics and hear the story!!! yeahh!!!

    Oh just noticed you have the famboise zippy and bag ...I have the famboise too in reade pm
  10. I had never seen the reade pm till this time in Vegas, sooooo darling, I wanted it in Amarante sooo bad, but icechick directed me to Sunset, and she's right, it's a better bag for me, reade is so cute, bet it's to die for in framboise...;):heart:
  11. agree the reade is so cute, mine is a 100%impulse buying. I used it a month or two and didn't use it any more. I think it's better that you got the sunset than the reade
  12. Hold onto it. Framboise now discontinued, and I met a girl with a framboise mailbu street and she was DYING for more framboise, so sad it was discontinued. She was trying to fix me up with her dad who lives in Maui... lol... She have me his number, and I haven't called him yet, but who knows.

    Living in Maui might be okay...:yes: ya never know...:rolleyes:
  13. congrats!
  14. Grrrl, your avatar is scarin me:p
  15. wow, where did you stay? i just came back on sunday night! i stayed at planet hollywood..

    sounds like you girls had so much fun!! can't wait for you to post pics and i'll visit other forum to see the rest!