Vat Tax Help on Van Cleef

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  1. Hi..I'm trying to understand how the VAT works....If I buy a Van Cleef piece that is listed on the Van Cleef price forum for 5,500 Euros, which equates to $7,160 US dollars, does the 5,500 Euros price already include all french taxes including the VAT? Or is the price on the Van Cleef pricing forum (5,500) before the VAT and other french taxes? I'm trying to understand how much VAT I would get back and therefore my final cost in US dollars. Also, does anyone know how much VAT Van Cleef gives back in Paris?
  2. Did you try a search? We have a TON of threads about VAT tax :yes:
  3. euro price includes VAT. Normally you will get a refund of roughly 10% -12% back. I think it is better to get a refund back in cash.
  4. Thanks all. I actually called Paris. The price of the item I'm considering is incorrect on the van Cleef price thread. It is 5,900 euros, not 5,500. And it is inclusive of the tax. Thanks.