VAT Refund with Cash Payment

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  1. Hey friendly people,

    I was planning to pay cash upfront for my surgery because I heard you'd be able to get a discount. However, I was wondering if the clinics would issue a VAT refund receipt on top of the discount they've already given you. My understanding would be that the clinics would forgo that receipt and instead give you a cheaper price so they can evade the tax charged to the clinic. Of course, I hope to be wrong (who wouldn't want more savings :biggrin:) , so it'd be good if anyone with experience can further advise. Thanks in advance!

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  2. You will have to contact the clinics you are interested in to see what they do. Some clinics offer discount and tax refund, some don't do discounts at all regardless of cash/card.
  3. That's what I needed, many thanks! Just browsed your blog, good luck for your surgery ma'am, cheers!
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  4. Thanks!! You too :smile:
  5. I got my tax refund from View Clinic. You just have to produce your passport and they'll process and hand you a VAT receipt. You take that receipt to the airport and get your refund (in cash) from one of the tax refund machines there. Yes some clinics don't cater to tax refunds, some do. Please check if your clinic has tax refund. Given the amount spent on surgery, that refund can make quite a big difference in your budget.
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  6. I got my VAT receipt from Cinderella Clinic too. Mine came in a red and white envelope.
  7. Would you ask them when paying or? I'd like to think so..
  8. I asked DA and Regen about the TAX refund and they both do it :smile:
  9. Do they give you the receipt when you pay for the surgery? :smile:
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  10. You see some clinics will give you extra 10 percent off the bargained price if you pay in cash. Thats because they have no need to charge you the VAT since if you pay cash, they simply won't declare. Its tax evasion and is very common practice in Korea. Hence if you are claiming the VAT everyone will be on record and they therefore are unable to evade taxes which would make it unlikely you will get a cash discount and be able to claim the VAT too.
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  11. Hi,

    If you pay by cash, they will charge you 10 percent less, but will they give you receipt, that is only prove you have prosedures done in that clinic?

    Is it possible by paying cash, but still get the VAT? Has someone experienced that? It just make me thinking, because the clinics say they will charge you less with cash, but they gave you an estimated price online, that is high and it´s not clear it is the price by cash or credit card? Can someone tell?
  12. You need a special type of receipt to get the VAT refund. Basically if you pay by cash you can still get the VAT. However, in the past clinics will tell you that if you pay by cash you will get an extra 10 percent off because they will waive the VAT. But now since you are getting the VAT refund how can they waive the VAT? There's no way they can do that because waiving the VAT means they are not declaring their taxes as when you pay cash they can conceal it in their accounts. Whereas by credit they cannot. Get what I mean? Also the price online you get quoted is before bargaining and has got nothing to do with cash or credit card.
    Anyways, long story short do not expect the additional 10 percent discount when paying by cash by logic of waiving the VAT which some clinics offer and also getting the VAT refund. It doesn't make any sense for a clinic to do that because the 10 percent additional discount they give is from waiving the vat. at the moment you are paying the vat but getting it refunded at the airport so its sort of the same thing so you can't really not pay the vat then expect a refund for somethng you didnt pay later on? lol
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  13. Thank you Kcouture.
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  15. Thanks for the list!