VAT Refund Question


Oct 21, 2007
Hi all,

I am a newbie here. I am thinking of getting my first Hermes bag on my upcoming trip to Germany! :yahoo: However, I still have some questions concerning VAT tax refund and hope you guys can help me answer them:
  • Is there a max. $ amount of VAT refund you can claim? I'm asking this because my friend is asking me to get her another bag. Since I'm not familiar with the tax refund system I wonder if there would be a $ amount limit as to how much you can claim on a single trip?
  • How does the custom work when I come back to the states? Would I get into trouble since I will be spending a lot of money oversea? :nuts:
  • Are any of you familar with the VAT booth at the Frankfurt airport? Would I be allowed to check in first (w/o checking my goods) and do the tax refund or I must do tax refund then check in?
  • Last but not least, when you buy the hermes birkin, does it come with a box? I would only imagine it would be huge, how did you guys managed to carry it back to the states (if at all)?

Lol... I get so excited just by thinking of the possibility of getting a birkin this summer! Sorry for all my silly questions and thank you for reading/answering them! :P