Vat refund company for Dior?

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  1. Hi all! I'm going to Paris next month, just wondering what VAT refund company Dior uses? Thanks!
  2. Normally they use Premier Tax Free
  3. Premier Tax Free! They are waaaaaaay better than Global Blue in my opinion!
  4. Thanks so much fast runner and hoching_yiu!
  5. I'm going to buy Chanel, Dior, and some other items in possibly both of Italy and France this October. I know that it is several months away, but I have been getting requests from friends and family members for men wallet in the similar size and similar color. I'm concerned if they will deny my purchase. If so, will I be able to repeat my purchase from different Dior stores throughout Italy and France and still qualified for the VAT refund?

    I'll be leaving from CDG. As far as I'm concerned, there are two agencies that I can claim VAT refund, Global Blue and Premiere TAX. If I happen to buy items more than one brands and one of which only works with Premiere Tax and another ONLY works with Global TAX. Will I be required to queue up for both counters?

    If that is the case, will I have to queue up for custom stamp, then, Global Blue and Premiere TAX? It get confusing because I'm not member of both agencies, so I don't know if it is beneficial for me to subscribe to be a member for both agencies.

    I was told that before I make a decision if I want to get cash back in EUROS or back to my credit card, I still check outside the gate if there is a long line to get cash back, is this true?

    Please help!
  6. Just donc claim vat back ! Seems so easier and hassle free !