Vaser / SmartLipo / fat removal in korea?

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  1. I'm in Korea for about a month more and wanted to try one of the minimally invasive lipos, particularly interested in Vaser or SmartLipo Triplex, but after weeks of googling, I cannot seem to find them anywhere? :sad:

    And the body contouring procedures I did come across in korea, I couldn't find more info about.

    Does anyone know what I could do for fat removal here, apart from actual liposuction.. I'm interested in the ones with like 3mm incision only.
  2. Thanks for creating this thread. I'm very keen as well but there isn't much info in this forum abt this.
  3. Hiya! I'm also going to Seoul for liposuction. From the clinics I want to consult with, I saw a few options you can check out:

    1. Fresh Mini Lipo
    2. Laprin Bodytite

    Hope this helps! ;D
  4. I'm gg to stalk your postings from now on! ��
    Coz I just wanna do lipo

    Still very clueless on where n which clinic to start with. Just reading n reading whatever info I can find.
  5. Add me on kakao! I want someone to discuss lipo with lol ;D
  6. i have done vaser 2 years ago
    not as good as expected
  7. Hihi missholla,

    Can share your experience?? I have no one that I know of that can share any. You did it in korea? :smile:
  8. Added you!! :biggrin:
  9. But still lost some fat? How much did you pay, and what were the results, if you don't mind me asking..
  10. these supposedly less invasive innovative modernized lipo techniques = gimmick gimmick gimmick and does not work that well, especially when used on the body. If used on facial fat you will see reasonable improvement but really not recommended for body contouring.

    If scarring is an issue for you, you should look into clinics which use the extended canula technique. This requires less incisions and smaller incisions to be made. If you scar easily, you should also inquire about scar PREVENTION treatments which are administered 2-3 days post op.
  11. Hi anyone did Smart Lipo / Vaser Lipo / Mini Lipo?
  12. I assisted a liposuction surgeon in the past. I can answer some questions about that.

    We didn't use vaser or smartlipo. He worked with smartlipo years before I was there but he hated it. He uses a nutational power assisted device. Meaning it just vibrates to disrupt the fat. He didnt like laser lipo because of risk of burns and trauma to tissues. The technique of the surgeon is important because they can only heat up the skin so much with each pass to prevent burns, but I guess some surgeons have got that down. One issue with lipo is cannula diameter. If you want to get closer to the skin the diameter has to be smaller, and ever then if you don't leave a small layer of fat severe dumpling can occur. Another thing worth mentioning is that all surgeons tend to remove only about 2 lbs of fat per area max before you are charged additionally. That's regardless of what surgeon you go too, in the US anyway. Really the most important thing is fine someone who has a lot of experience with the tool he is using, whichever that is, that's the most important. I hope that helps.