1. so, anybody else love vaseline??
    i use it on my lips and sometimes my hands and it makes everything soo soft.
    its like the best mousterizer for the lips.
    i dont really reccomend putting it on your skin, it might clog your pores. i've never tried it though, thats just my mentality, so has anyone done it before? what are the results?
    i swear by it for the lips!
  2. Isn't it great how the least expensive and been around forever products, are great? I use vaseline on my feet every night then put socks on them. I have the nicest feet. LOL. I don't know if I would put it on my face though.
  3. I use them on my lips too.

    I do this in the winter a lot when I tend to get chap lips is that you take a disposible toothbrush and you put vaseline on them and then gently scrub off the dead skin (sounds gross) but if you do that once a week or once every two weeks, your lips stay silky! I use vaseline on my lips too! Best thing.
  4. I use it on my lips & eyelashes before I go to bed every night, I find it keeps my eyelashes from turning dry & brittle
  5. I use it to remove mascara.
  6. I use it on my lips..I'm going to try it on my lashes tonight!
  7. Best thing for can have all the fancy foot creams in the world. Nothing beats vaseline and some old socks overnight.
  8. LOVE vaseline too! :roflmfao: i have the jumbo one in my bathroom, little traveling ones in a bunch of my purses. one thing i always do is put some on my lips before i go to bed. :nogood:
  9. I use it on my lips in the morning while I'm putting on my makeup. Then I wipe if off when I'm ready to wear my lipgloss or lipstick so that my lips are already fully moisturized! :tup:
  10. I use it on my lips as a chapstick sometimes.

    I also use it to exfoliate the dead skin off of my lips. Keeps them nice and soft and sexy. :smile:
  11. I used to use it on my lips, but it just got kinda messy and always got all over my pillow.

    It really does work wonders though.
  12. i'm probably the only one here..but i HATE vaseline! My mom swears by I tried it and it made me get a rash! :sad:
  13. I am not a fan of Vaseline but with Rosebud.

  14. I use it on my feet as well.
  15. Vaseline is a great moisturizer, especially for those with very dry lips. I've used it on my feet too and they end up really soft and smooth. I wouldn't recommend it for skin and face though, it clogs your pores and it's to oily. It might cause a breakout on your face. If you're looking for something to moisturize, rejuvinate, soothe, and cool your face (especially in the summer months) I recommend Juicy Couture's caviar facial. It's how Juicy Girls stay Girls! But if you're looking for a more affordable remedy, try Pond's facial cream to soothe and hydrate your face. If you need a vaseline product, there is a Vaseline moisturizing cream for your skin you can use. It works really well and has a non greasy feel.