1. What do you guys do with it?> we always have some at home but i never thought of using it on my face.. and i remember ages ago on a tyra show she said its the best night cream or something liek that? i know its good for hard skin any other options?
  2. Great for lips, would never put on my face.
  3. My mom has been using this on face as a night cream for years (she's 81). She hardly has any wrinkles, and does not look her age at all. I wouldn't use it that way but do slather it on my hands at bedtime. It sinks right in.
  4. I use it on my lips.
  5. I mostly use it on my lips, then I heard that Tyra said it's a great night cream and makes ur mascara I tried it..I didn't like how it felt around my eyes, I got really itchy.
  6. i just use it on my lips before i go to sleep. I love how it makes my lips soft.
  7. i think someone mentioned that it makes thier eyelashes get thicker
  8. I use it on my lips and my feet if they get really dry in the winter.
  9. I use it on my hands and feet every single night. I also use it around my eyes and lips at night and I've been doing that for years. I'm 38 and I don't have a line anywhere I'd say it least it helps (I live well--eat right, drink lots of water..have never drank or smoked...I'd say that's about 90% of it).

    My mother and grandmother used it all over their faces and the were/are known for looking much younger than their ages (grandmother has passed).

    Tyra is right! I also use it on my lips.
  10. It is great for the lips and I have used it on my face in the winter when my skin is most dry.
  11. I use it on my lips, as they become chapped easily. I read on one of these threads that vaseline makes your eyelashes thicker, but it just irritated my eyes.
  12. lips sometimes and when I have a cold around my nose and lips alot because when I blow my nose, the tissue really irritates my skin and vaseline is the only thing that helps.
  13. I used to use it as a eye makeup remover.
    One time I was in for an eye exam & my eye doctor asked me If I was using vaseline on my eyes. They told me to stop as it was not water soluable & eventually it would cloud my sight & they would have to SCRAP my eyeballs to get it off!!!!
  14. :wtf:
  15. yes put a really thick layer of vaseline on lips, then cover with plastic film for about few hrs ur lips will be very moisted. or u can put a thick layer on lips before you go to bed :smile: