Varsha's new finds... flat brass flap bag and aviator twiggy

  1. Check out these cool "new" old bags. As if Varsha's collection wasn't amazing enough already....
    varshasbag1 (Small).jpg varshasbag2 (Small).jpg varsha'sbag3 (Small).jpg varsha'sbag4 (Small).jpg varsha'sbag5 (Small).jpg
  2. More pics
    varsha'sbag8 (Small).jpg varsha'sbag9 (Small).jpg varsha'sbag10 (Small).jpg varsha'sbag11 (Small).jpg
  3. Varsha has the greatest bags eva!!!!! She's killing me with this beauty!:love: Is that a mirror in the 4th picture (in the first post)?
  4. Whoa! I didn't know these beauties existed! :drool::drool::drool:
  5. Thanks so much for resizing and posting for me 're the best (and your collection is NO SLOUCH either!! (pardon the's actually very slouchy!! <gg>)

    And thank you Zacorey! I love your bags too! And yes that is a mirror. There is a leather flap divider thingie in the middle of the bag that has a mirror on the other side....this is like a very early flap bag with the flat brass hardware..i am pretty sure it's 02..the leather is insanely soft and the details on this bag are amazing...had to share with my bbag homies!

    And the aviator bag was another never seen before find....It has all kinds of details too..made to look intentionally rough and patched together. It has the old lampo zippers so my guess is late 02 or early 03...if anyone has any info, I'd love to hear..
  6. Thank you for sharing, Varsha. The aviator twiggy bag is a love at first sight for me :love: :amazed::heart: :love: . The details are amazing. I'm drooooling to death:drool:.
  7. :drool: That aviator is truly a work of art. Both are gorgeous!! Great finds, congratulations!
  8. varsha, those are some rare bags! chi, so nice of you to post the pics for her. thanks for sharing.
  9. thanks esile, powderpuff, m1g and slinks! Can't stop petting them. Never thought I was a twiggy person but I dig this one:smile:
  10. So gorgeous (of course) - I thought long and hard about the black flap bag.... it's beautiful! Is it a nice size? :love: ....and that aviator is AWESOME! I love those, they're lined in shearling right??? Congrats sweety, you deserve them!!!! :Love:
  11. OMG!!! that flat brass flap is a beauty :drool:
    i never seen them before!
    big congrats girl... you must feel like in heaven now :P
  12. I have the same bag in brown! the flap messenger one! the leather is awesome, but I think it's lambskin, not goat... great texture on it though