Various*Chloes*at Overstock!

  1. Use this code for an extra 10% off "85721".
  2. Thanks layney!!!
  3. I asked this in another Chloe forum, but i reckon another opinion can't hurt. Are these bags from this season? Last season? Unpopular styles? Any idea *how* they ended up on Overstock?
  4. you're welcome ali!
  5. They don't look too REAL in the pictures. Authentic ? :confused1:
  6. wow, are those reg size paddys or mini? they look small!
    is plum really purple?

  7. I suggest searching the tPF for "overstock" and you'll read plenty of posts about authentic bags purchased from Overstock :tup:

    Of course, I'd still be cautious and have any bags purchased online authenticated, just to be sure. ;)
  8. good deal! :yes:
  9. How do we go about having bags authenticated? I have never ordered a bag from any place other than Saks, Neimans, Nordstrom, etc. because I worry that bags on other sites (such as Overstock, eBay, and etc.) will be fake. I'd love to know who to contact to authenticate bags so that I can take advantage of these deals. Can anyone provide advice?

    I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong place...I thought I should place it here since the issue came up on this thread.

  10. My Paddington had a teeny tiny scratch on the back of the padlock and a small scratch on one of the bottom feet. Other than that, she's perfect! AND DEFINITELY AUTHENTIC! I had her approved here on TPF and IRL by a Saks sa. :tup:

    Here she is, sittin' in my closet, still waiting to be taken out for a good time! :nuts:
    CHEETAH.JPG 004.jpg
  11. I took mine to my nearest Saks. They were really nice! I called ahead first though. Nordstrom's was willing to do it too, but Saks was closer to me.

    I'd just definitely call ahead first! Some of the ladies I talked to were real nasty beytoches! :tdown: LOL
  12. Poor Paddy :sad: take her out of that closet! Missnovember, I love your LAMB bags, too! Great taste :tup:
  13. Personally I would feel safer getting it authenticated here on tPF (by posting photos) than I would taking it to an SA.
  14. I know! I need to not be so chicken and take her out! But I'm still too afraid that someone will get their dirty mits on her! LOL

    I will take her out next week, I promise! :tup:

    And thanks! The L.A.M.B.'s are my everyday, 'ghetto' bags! :p