Various Celebs in TDF Dresses

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

  2. Love Lindsay's dress, does anyone know who it is? I am taking a stab & going with vintage Herve Leger
  3. I love beyonce' and Janets dress. They look beautiful..
  4. Love Lindsay's dress!
  5. ^me too!:heart:
  6. Heidi looks the most stunning of the bunch.

    What is up with Beyonce's face? Weird...almost like plastic.
  7. LOVE Lindsay's dress...not too keen on Heidi or Beyonce's
  8. Lindsey looks gorgeous!! :P
  9. i loveeeeeeeeee lindsay's dress!
  10. Me too Lindsay's dress is gorgeous.. so classy and simple (:
  11. Love Lindsay's dress, love Heidi's dress. Overall, she looks the best of the bunch.

    Beyonce's makeup is clashing with her dress. Too much!!
  12. I love Beyonce and Lindsay's dresses. So pretty.
  13. i love all of them! FAB! ok janet is like elasti-girl! she gained alot of weight for a movie and now she looks like that again! love her :heart:
  14. I love Heidi's dress!!