Various Celebs Hanging Out In NYC

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Mandy Moore In LA
  2. I love Maggie Gyllenhaal! Mandy´s very cute always.
  3. I love that SJP and Drew are hanging out...I wanna be their friend!! lol
  4. Cute pics!
  5. great picture..thanks for sharing :smile:
  6. Good to see SJP.
  7. We should hang with some of them...would be fun for a day
  8. [​IMG]

  9. ...........I just wanna raid SJP's closet. :lol:
  10. Is that Scott Speedman in the 2nd photo? :confused1:
  11. Love maggie!
  12. Haha! Me too!!