Various Celebrity Sitings

  1. [​IMG]TMZ has obtained photo evidence of Kevin Federline actually working, for a change.

    Bruce wasn't in the mood, so he took the opportunity to walk straight up to the car, whereupon he shoved his digital camera in the window and turned the tables on the lensmen by getting some snaps of them. Willis then

    Harry Morton spent Thursday as far away from New York as they could, lotioning up and getting all touchy-feely in Hawaii, all while skipping out on MTVs big night. (Still, even in her absence, New York club promoters were still buzzing about whether the freckled phenom might pop up at some of the VMA after-parties

    lin[​IMG]Jennifer Aniston was spotted yesterday leaving the Village, a recording studio in West Los Angeles. The Village has played host to countless big-name recording artists including the Rolling gering photogs taking shots of him. Bruce s[​IMG]Lance Bass

    Actress Natasha Lyonne was snapped at the Sunset Plaza in LA on Monday sporting a mini skirt so short ... it nearly exposed her, umm, "American Pie."

  2. Aww...Britney looks so happy.
    And Natasha looks like a mess! Too bad, I think she's cute!
  3. Britney's sister looks so much like she did!