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  1. My second post.:biggrin:

    All of you have great collections.

    I have a variety of bags, from Coach, Dooney and Bourke, and Bebe, to Kate Spade, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, botkier, Francesco Biasia.

    I also have some non-designer bags that I like because --- I like them. :biggrin:

    Here are a few of my bags.
    my bags.JPG
  2. Variety is good! I like your popincourt and the Gucci towards the back with the brown leather trim.
  3. I also have about a dozen non-designer bags. I didn't post them because I thought people would laugh! I like them though. I would love to see yours.
  4. Hey! Nothing wrong with non-designer bags, I have a few myself. Inexpensive trendy bags are great!
  5. variety is the spice of life!!
    (or something like that, LOL)
  6. Great collection! I think you should post your "non- designer" bags, too!
  7. You have a very nice collection! Thanks for posting pic!
  8. "Variety is good! I like your popincourt and the Gucci towards the back with the brown leather trim."

    Thanks. The Popincourt is my favorite of all my bags.
  9. Hey, we're popincourt twinsies ! ;)

    Great collection !
  10. Very nice collection!

    BTW, no one here would laugh at non-designer bags, it's the purseblog, not the designerpurseblogonly!
  11. Great collection!!!
  12. Very cute!
  13. Nice collection.
    ALL bags are worthy of their 15min of fame!!
  14. Very cute collection!
  15. i really like the popincourt haut and i believe it's the yellow botkier stirrup bag in the back? nice collection!
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