Variety, or stick to the prints you love?

  1. I was trying to go for variety with the bag styles (1 print for denaro, 1 print for zucca, etc) but well...I love the Inferno print too much, and keep looking for more and more. I currently have a denaro, a zucca on the way, and I'm seriously contemplating a ciao and possibly a bambinone, if not also a BV and a trenino..... :sweatdrop:

    I also have a l'amore denaro and a pirata BV. Getting multiple Inferno bags is dangerous as I'm also considering getting more bags in Pirata, and the cycle continues.

    What do you generally opt for? Is there such a thing as having too much of one print?
  2. I usually buy one bag of each print but for prints that I especially like, I have more than one bag in that print. I think lots of the members on here have multiple bags in the same print. Nothing wrong with buying what you love :smile:
  3. i think it's what you really want or like! it's all preference. i love foresta cuz of the monkeys and sandy! =)

    oh and i also like Ciao!
  4. I stick to the prints I like, I've tried branching out and always end up wishing I got something in my preferred print lol!
    My current faves are L'amore, Adios Star (with latte), citta, and Pirata.
  5. I limit myself to one bag per print because otherwise I'd go insane. ;) But they all are prints that I genuinely like. I'm only missing playground, but that's because I'm not a big fan of it. If something came up at a SCREAMING deal, I may get it, but otherwise, I'm content with staying away. Some common sense comes into play here too. e.g. I already have a black camo so I don't feel the need to get an olive camo.

    I'm an obsessive person who loves variety so I made a rule that I would have no two bags of the same style either. XD
  6. I started out with the one print per bag rule, and then I bought a few Ciao Ciao and Campeggio in different print and now I am collecting all the bags in one print. So, nothing is absolute for me. If you are on a budget, I'd say buying different styles/print would work out much better. And there is no rule against having too much of one print or I'll be sent to jail! LOL!
  7. My problem is that I keep falling in love with more prints! Ugh. It's like a sickness, LOL!!

    At first I didn't like Paradiso, but then I started noticing some super cute characters and now I love it. Don't like OP and for my wallet's sake I hope it stays that way. :p

    Foresta is starting to grow on me. I love my Lamore Porta because of the 2 Lattes in a perfect spot, but on a bigger bag the print is a little too bright and white for me...same with AS - too white for my crazy lifestyle, LOL.

    The Playgrounds and Cammos I can leave or take, same with Citta. Although I love the Citta characters inside my Notte Denaro! And I hate the color pink so at least I know there's one print I will never buy - Citta Rosa. :smile:

    I am in love with the colors of Pirata - I love purple so that one really stands out for me. I love the subdued colors of Famiglia.

    And INFERNO...ugh, I HAVE to get something in Inferno but I am so picky about which characters show up in what places.

    So, I guess for me it's variety!!

  8. I think I just randomly stabbed at prints/styles in the beginning :lol: whatever was on sale and whatever I liked that I could get my hands on. Needless to say I ended up with one of each print and multiples of styles/prints I really liked
  9. i have no limits cause i'm terrible! i have like 16 inferno items cause its my favorite!!
  10. Hehe.. I have always said that I would buy one 1 print of a bag. My fav purse styles is Campeggio, Ciao Ciao, and Zucca so I going to have several of those bags in different prints. But I broke the 1 print bag rule since I love Pirata and Inferno So much! I also love Foresta but I doubt I'll get another bag in that print since eBay has crazy prices. Oh and I know for a fact that I will need several bags in Vacanze so there goes that rule..:p
  11. I want to see your collection :nuts:
  12. hehe, i will post it soon, i was just waiting on a couple bags. i love inferno!
  13. I've been getting one bag/accessory per print, and not repeating bag/accessory style. I can see myself repeating bag/accessory style if I run of the styles I like. I can't justify multiple bags of the same print to myself and my dh unless it's a super awesome deal. Maybe one bag and one accessory but definitely not multiple bags.
  14. i thought i would get 1 bag per style and 1 bag per print.. but i got carried away and don't really mind anymore. as long as it has the placement i want and it's at a good (below retail) price. :smile: i'm a little bummed that the one pirata portatelefono that southampton had left didn't really have the characters i wanted. i'll probably try again tomorrow to see if they have any original portatelefonos left.
  15. for me i buy the prints that i like (which is almost all!) in the bag styles i like...before i'd try to get all different bag styles, but i know what styles i love n don't love =) but i'm particularly fond of amore! i really want an entire collection of all the bag styles in that print, but my somewhat practical side and empty wallet says you don't need