Variety in Nail Salons

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  1. I live in the DC/MD area & I can't for the life of me find salons with a wide range of polish colors. The last 6 I've been to have a few rows of bottles & that's pretty much it lol. I have a decent collection but sometimes I want to try out a new or different shade w/out buying it, yet when I go I see the same colors I already have at home. Anyone else have this issue? Suggestions?
  2. my daughter said the same thing too. she ended up bring her own- ie my nail polish- to the salon to do her nails. she had tips put on too. I have not been to a nail salon so I just do my own when I do them. I have a good selection. I have wondered why they don't invest in some interesting polishes or indies
  3. I make sure that I have a whole variety of polish selections, but I also don't buy too many funky colors because I don't want them sitting forever on the shelf. So I tell my clients that if they find a color that they absolutely love, to buy it and bring it in. That also makes it easier if they need to touch it up. If they are a good customer, then I just ask them what colors should I get, and I will buy 1 or 2, just to give them a little change. HTH.
  4. Mine has a ton of choices, but I take my own in.
  5. I live in MD. My nail salon is usually pretty good about getting any of the new colors in like opi, shellac, or china glaze. If I really like a color ill end up buying it and bringing my own but usually can test it out at my salon first.
  6. The salon I go to has a huge selection of colors but they are the cheaper brands, many seem like drugstore ones. They think OPI is top of the line. When my sister and I bring our own Chanel polish they act like it is gold. It is just a polish. I also don't want to use polish other people used. Just a germ thing on my part. I bring my own base coat, polish and top coat. My pedicures can last two weeks, three weeks if I am careful.

    They do gel nails but only have a tiny selection of Gelish. I was surprised they did not carry Shellac. I have my own Shellac system with about 15 polishes so I do my own gel nails but they are always pushing gel polishes when you go in.

    I go to a good nail salon, I think with decent prices. $30-40.00 for a special pedicure. It could be hot stone, deep massage and other things with lots of potions and lotions. It usually lasts a hour so I am happy and feel pampered. Their basic pedicure is only $20.00. The hair salons that offer manicures give you a very limited selection of colors and I have never had my nails done there.
  7. The nail salon that I go to uses Essie...every color under the rainbow too

    I always bring my own polish just in case I need a touch up during the week I have
    the color available

  8. Do you mind sharing where you go?
  9. Sorry just seeing this now! Just sent you a pm
  10. The nail polish selection is a very difficult way, in many colors and many of nail polishes. My favorite color is open, shellac and china glaze.