Variations within the same model

  1. why some mono speedy piping are wired but some are not? i'm also seeing variation in the materials as well.:wtf:

    the piping on my speedy 30 is not wired, but my frd who bought a speedy 25 recently, her piping is very obviously wired (much thicker and holds the shape of the bag much stronger). And as for the material, hers is more flat, smooth, stiffer and thicker (i could barely feel the bumps on the canvas); whereas mine feels bumpy (like other mono bags that i own) when i touch it.

    so does anyone know why theres such a huge difference btw 2 speedies? aren't they suppose to be same? i kno they are handmade so there might be "shape" differences, but they should be made from the same material and use the same piping right? both speedies are authentic, purchased from LV store, but they look totally diff :confused1:

    *really hoping for an answer* thanks! :tup:
  2. How much older is your 30?
  3. i got mine last yr feb/march in canada and my frd got hers in Aug same year in NYC
  4. o and by the way, the heat stamps and tabs (pulling tab on zipper) are diff too

    my heat stamp is very nicely done, shows the words clearly, but my frds' is very blurry and looks light handed...

    my tab are softer than hers A LOT! Hers is like hard and sticking out straight

    i'm very confused....such a huge diff that we see when we put our speedy nxt to each other.
  5. Sounds like your friend has a fake speedy. I don't think thier is supposed to be wire in the piping. Also everything you described about the bag sounds fake. Did you see her purchase it from the store or did she tell you she did, because she could be lying.

    You said she bought it in NYC wich she could have bought it on Canal st. in china town
  6. Yes, I do believe your friend has the "canal street" speedy. ;) It's a very popular model, but it's unfortunately not made by LV.
  7. I'm agreeing with most people here... I don't think the canvas has ever changed in texture so if it feels really smooth then it's going to be fake most likely...
  8. Need pictures
  9. i don't think any speedy is wired and from reading what you said i thought that ur friends is fake imediately. all the speedy are the same there souldn't be such huge differences!! anyways take pictures of both speedies and show us =)
  10. I would have to say that hers is most likely fake!
  11. No such thing as LV using "wire" in their Speedy line...

    Anyway, of course, some of the bags within the same lines can have subtle changes....for example, older model Mono Almas did NOT have the cellphone pockets, and older model Papillon 30's came with dark handles instead of vachetta (still wish they made them like that, but that's another story...), and some bags that didn't have "D" rings currently do, and older speedies didn't have their size #s printed behind their tags.....I could go on and on, but unfortunately in your friend's case, it's not Vuitton's fault, lol....
  12. Your friend might have a fake....maybe she's not telling you. I had a friend do this once. She said her bag was real and told everyone this. When I got the real deal, she admitted hers was a fake.
  13. thank you so much for the replies gals!!

    ok...i feel that it will be very awkward to go up to my frd and ask her to let me take a pic of her speedy for the reason that she might had purchased a fake one.....

    so i decided to look around on eBay, focusing on the piping....and i found one similar to hers. I'm going to post the one i found on eBay and my own speedy =)

    the one on the left is similar to my frds' while the one on the right is mine...sorry abt the shoe box caz i just bought a new pair of pump today =)

    so do u guys see the big diff just on the piping itself? =)
    c23a_12.jpg DSC01465.JPG
  14. I hope somebody have an answer for u soon.. i wish to koe too.. too inexperienced to help u out.. except for the difference in patina i really cant tell..
  15. The one you posted on the left is fake. Need pics of your friend's Speedy to be sure.......