Variations on the classic caviar shopping tote? Do you have one?

  1. Quick question... I've noticed that there are several styles of caviar, quilted shopping totes (in the Ref section under classic bags) that look similar in style to the GSTs and Timeless Totes but with unique features (for example, Beautylicious has a gorgeous quilted shopping tote with gold CC's in the Ref section, and I saw one not too long ago that looked a lot like it but with slightly different chain handles and a more angular line). Lots of times these types of totes pop up on eBay and I've always wondered if they are discontinued styles. Are these styles exclusive to certain years, or are they always available and just not as popular as the GST, Timeless Tote, etc? I couldn't find too many in the Reference section, and if you have one of these same-but-different totes would love to see it!:tup:
  2. a lot of them are actually vintage or just special seasonal items.
  3. That makes sense! Thanks Swanky :flowers:
  4. I LOVE seeing some of those seasonal pieces, some have tortoise or other very cool details! :biggrin: