Variations of the Hudson

  1. I went to Nordies today to decide if I was going to give up on looking for a stam from last year (with suede interior) and just get a newer one, when lo and behold I saw the HUDSON in person.

    I did not care for the Hudson at all after seeing it on eluxury, but seeing it in person was breathtaking. I can't believe how absolutely GORGEOUS it is! So now I am smitten:love:

    My question is, I have seen so many color variations of the Hudson online. I've seen all black, black with tan stripes, black with brown stripes, chili, chestnut with black stripes and on and on.

    Does anyone know how many variations there are? I think the chili is my fav but I want to make sure I've seen them all before I decide.

    What is your fav? Here are just a few I've seen online:
    p11140834_ph_althero_Dark_Brown.jpg p11140834_ph_althero_Black.jpg p11140834_ph_althero_Chestnut.jpg BGV8512_mn.jpg C362077_1.jpg index.jpg
  2. I have the Chili-Its my fave..LOl..OBVIOUSLY....Its a great fall bag
  3. i didn't see the chili today, but the chili shown above is just so beautiful. is it really this color in real life?

    from what other people have posted, the chili appears much darker.
  4. The chili is the nicest by far.
  5. I've seen the chili IRL. And I hope no one throws stones at me--but I was a bit disappointed. It didn't have the deep rich red undertone that I've seen in photographs. It looks more brown to me... But there is a red undertone--it's just not as strong as I expected.
  6. I've seen it in Black, Chestnut, Dark Brown and the one I went home with (Chili). The Chili IMO, is a brownish-burgundy color. My second choice was the Dark Brown but they were all gorgeous :girlsigh:
  7. LOVE the Hudson :love:
  8. I know, the bag is so much prettier IRL, right?

    I don't think there is a black with tan stripes. I think that one is actually the darkest brown (chestnut?). And I don't think there is an all black. I have black and the stripes are a super dark reddish-brown (that do look black unless you know). All that said, my info is more from the MJ boutique and I know different stores carry different variations.

    I'm partial to the black because it's so versatile. The Chili is SO gorgeous but wouldn't work for me the way I'll wear the bag.

    Good luck in your decision!
  9. I'm sorry that you've given up your search for an 05 Stam. I think the Hudson is a really great bag!

    Have you pulled up pics from PFers who have gotten the chili color? I've seen it, and I agree that it has brown undertones. Whichever color you decide, you can't go wrong. It's a classic bag!
  10. I haven't given up on the stam...I guess I've just got to figure out a way to have both. The good news is that I can't just run out and buy an 05 stam, so it's teaching me patience (and helping my finances).

    Is the chili Hudson available online anywhere?
  11. The Hudson is def nicer looking IRL. I like the Chili shade the best but I don't think I've seen all the variations.
  12. How is the weight of this bag? Is it as heavy as the Blake?
  13. I think they're pretty similar.
  14. I just impulse bought a black Hudson at Nordstrom and love it! It really is much prettier in person.

    It's going right into the rotation with my Muse.