Variations in LV canvas


Dec 3, 2005
Hi everyone! This is my first post. I love this forum! So yesterday, I bought my first LV bag, the Damier Papillon. I'm so in love! =) I have a LV wallet and keychain holder, but this is my 1st bag.

While inspecting the bags I noticed that there are variations in the LV canvas. Some of the bags had more of a contrast than others. The SA said this is common. Anyway, my question is, do you ladies prefer the Damier canvas where you can see more of the contrast between the light and darker squares or do you prefer a darker look throughout? I ended up getting the darker one, but can exchange it for a lighter one. Please help me decide. I hope this makes sense. Thanks!
You might notice a difference if they're side by side, but after you've taken the bag home I would think that without something to compare it to it's just "normal." The difference will be so slight that no one will notice it at all. So I say just keep the one you have.