Variations in Legacy Leather

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  1. I recently purchased an 06 Legacy Shoulder bag in Whiskey from evilbay. I am very pleased with the bag, don't get me wrong, but there are places on the bag (front and little pockets) that are nice and smooth, but the bottom and back of the bag almost feel like pebbled leather they are that bumpy. I figured it was because she was dry and ordered some Apple conditioner. After apple'ing her twice, she's still bumpy on those panels. Are there variations in the leather that would cause this, or is she still very dry inside and needs more Apple to smoothen her out?
  2. The leather on these bags is vintage leather, so it has a pretty broad amount of variation. My 06 shoulder is like that too - smooth on some parts and more texture on other panels. This is normal for this line. :yes:

    Enjoy your new bag!
  3. Congrats on your new bag! I just purchased this same bag after missing my Legacy bags that I used to own. I've owned most of the colors that it came out in and they all were different with different variations. I'm glad to hear that they can be treated with Apple conditioner.
  4. believe me i have the same problem with the black legacy shoulder bag i purchased two days ago from the outlet. i thought i was being very picky so i called the outlet asking them if i can exchange it but if it is what the legacy bags are supposed to be then i think i will save the trip.the leather on the flap is very smooth and lighter in shade as compared to the rest of the bag.
  5. I was just wondering, since I had an 06 Ali in black and the 06 Hippie Ali in whiskey before and both of those were buttery smooth. I love my bag and won't give her up... but didn't want to waste a whole bottle of Apple trying to smoothen it out if it's supposed to be like that either :smile:
  6. My Leigh is pretty uniform...but that was probably just luck! Come to think of it, I'm gonna go get her out and carry her!!
  7. I have/had Legacy bags in most styles and colors, and the leather on them was very varied. Some of them (the ones I still have!), are smooth and uniform, while others were all over the place, with different textures, variations in color, and both, all on the same bag. Sometimes it bothered me (when it was right in front), and other times I hardly notice it. I think its just a characteristic of the vintage leather, but I always made sure to show the area and state that on my ebay auctions so the buyers were aware before they bid.
  8. Even in the Lindsay and Vintage hobo's you can see the same thing, where some of the textures of the leather despite being the same color is a different part of the leather where some are more rough than others' being smoother.
  9. Since it is very unlikely that all pieces on your bag came from the same hide, there is bound to be variations with the leather.