variations in Gaucho!!

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  1. Have any of your Gaucho girls noticed variations in the leather?

    How can I explain: Like the leather is primarily very thick and smooth; but, perhaps hte flap of the bag is a little different texture???

    As some of you may know I ordered and returned a double gaucho to Neimans - well, I kind of missed it - so, when BlueFly had double gauchos last week, I had to reorder the black double.

    The leather is a little different on the flap then the bag I returned to NM - so now I am confused and curious about this Bluefly Gaucho.

    I looked through the threads here and saw that MayDay posted pics of auth Gauchos and one of the red bags she photographed (mdm gaucho) had different leather from the red Gaucho tote, so maybe leather variations are not that different.

    Any experience from you gals???

    Thanks and I will post pictures later!!
  2. I ran to double check ( and pat them and kiss them as well ) my gauchos and TBH i dont see or feel any difference between the leather on the flap and inside .. :yes: gauchos always seemed to me quite consistently looking actually...not like bbags when the front of the bag can be totally different from the bag etc...

    but anyways congratz on your new baby Loganz let us know when it arrives ! yay!
  3. Thanks Natalia :smile:

    The Gaucho is here - I spent most of my work day authenticating it with the help of the authenticate thread and pictures off Eluxury, etc.

    Everything on the gaucho checks out except the leather variation is just odd. Since I had returned a Gaucho I recognized this as different from the one I had returned.

    I will have to post pics before I take the Bluefly tag of it just in case it is a super-super fake. :sad:
  4. i admire your courage to order of Bluefly ...i wouldnt have the guts...please post loads of pics ! :yes:

    and sorry misread your post - didnt figure out ur talking about the blufly gaucho ....sorry half asleep !
  5. ^LOL at nat's molestation of her own gauchos.

    loganz, i only have one gaucho but the leather feels the same to me throughout the entire bag. then again the leather for my gaucho is pretty different since there's that scratchy metallic wash on it. :confused1: that said, when i was looking at the gauchos in the boutique, the leather on the medium gaucho felt the same throughout too.

    perhaps it's a slight manufacturing variation/defect(?? eeks), rather than the issue being with authenticity? (although i've heard of some problems with bluefly bags, but i'm hoping it's not the case here)

    i'd say take lots of pictures and if it turns out to be okay but still bothers you/leaves you with a niggling feeling, then i'd say return it. i'm not sure if dior has a practice of authenticating bags for their customers, but perhaps you could ring them up and ask about it too (if you happen to live near to one).

    i'm sure May would be in shortly to help you out. :yes:
  6. Here are the pictures of the Bluefly Gaucho - All opinions are greatly appreciated!!!

  7. More pictures:

  8. And more pictures:



  9. Hey Loganz!!!!

    No need to worry! Your Gaucho is perfectly authentic! My two Gauchos have variations, actually. On my black Gaucho, the leather is slightly different on the flap compared to on the rest of the bag (which is more grained in appearance). When using natural hides, several pieces of one hide are used, and depending on the area where the piece is cut, you can get some leather variation. My white Gaucho is uniform throughout (except for the leather under the flap).

    When you see leather variation on the same bag, it's actually a good sign, because fakes use vinyl which looks pretty much the same throughout. Plus it's expensive for fakers to use different vinyl sheets for each bag.

    So enjoy your authentic Gaucho! :nuts:
  10. Oh May - thank you so much for responding!! I am so happy to hear this, as I got quite a deal on this bag!!!

    I will now remove the Bfly tag and use this bag proudly!! I guess it was just dumb luck that I returned the NM Gaucho - and that I happened to be cruising Bluefly at just the right time.

    I wonder who snatched up the red double gaucho on bluefly that morning? I had both in my cart, to decide, and at the last moment had to stick my favorite bag color!!

    Thank you May - I really do appreciate the time you put into helping us who are not as Dior savvy!! :flowers: :flowers:
  11. Hi Loganz!

    You're very welcome!!!! :nuts: I'm glad that you were able to get the black Gaucho for a cheaper price! There are actually a few things I want on, and now I feel a lot more confident purchasing from them, thanks to you sharing your story :flowers:
  12. ooops havent been in for a wee while ( those boyfriends eh ! ;) ) but just wanted to say congrats on the gaucho being perfectly authentic Loganz ! i would still be afraid to buy from Bluefly i just think i would stress out too much ...time for some modelling pics now :graucho: please !
  13. Congrats, I never considered BLue fly for designer names, I may now. Beautiful bag.

  14. Thank you - Bluefly has a lot of designer names. They have a lot of really great shoe-bargains and a ton of bags too.

    It is worth checking it out and there are always 15% off coupons in the deals and steals forum you can use to save money on your order. Plus, they have a 90 day return policy so that is pretty nice too if you are indecisive and tend to impulse buy.