Variation in color in Veneta - Normal or Defect?

  1. Calling all veneta owners - is it normal to have variations in the color in the different strips of leather? Most of them that I have seen in the BV boutiques are perfectly evenly toned and colored, but mine has a strip of leather running diagonally across that has a slight pinky hue compared to the rest of the bag. Is this a defect? Is this common for lighter toned venetas/ other nappa bags? Please advise asap as the deadline for me to return this bag is today! TIA

  2. Minda - I have never seen a bag with that type of variation. If you think it gives the bag character, keep it. But if every time you see your bag you'll think "there's that dang bag with the pinkish strip of leather" then, send it back.
  3. hi minda,
    i know my carmino one - the strips going one direction is slight different in shade from the strips going in the other direction. and within those in the same direction, there are some variations.
    i guess it has to do with the fact that the leather is natural and not treated as much as many other brands out there.

    to me, when you pay such good money for a bag, keep it only if you really love it and are ok with it. otherwise, you will always be thinking of that variation there and be affected by it.

    share with us your decision.
  4. Minda, I've just checked my camel veneta, it evenly toned and colored... Looking at your picture, I can see ithas slightly pinkish stripes in the middle, but it's not really obvious from the pictures. Is it really obvious irl?
  5. Quite obvious with artificial lighting (as per the photograph), less so in natural light. Seller is willing to reimburse me in full, or offer a discount which makes it just under US$1,000. What do you all think? Help me in my decision please! TIA.
  6. Hello! I am standing by my computer for the next 4 hours or so..... please everybody chime in. Help!!!
  7. at the end of the day, minda, listen to what your heart tells you.
    we can only advice. :smile:
    you may end up more confused as more advice come in :p
  8. It doesn't matter if it's "normal" or not. If it's going to bug you every time you look at it, take it back! Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  9. If I'm in your shoes now.. I'm going to keep the bag, I saw the pictures, the color is gorgeous.. I really don;t mind having the slight color variation, It gives a unique variation of the bag. I said this because I'm in love the color and hey, it's just under 1K... it's a steal.. But then again how does it make you feel? are you happy with it or not. good luck on your decision.. keep us posted...
  10. hi minda, i agree with kopibaby and mistikat - if it's going to bug you every time you see it, then it's best to return it. at the price point we pay for bvs, we should only keep it if we love it.
  11. Thanks jburgh, kopibaby, cutiekiara, mistikay, aca for your advice.

    Now..... assuming that you are faced with a BV bag that you like (not necessarily a camel Veneta), and it has that diagonal stripe across (not extremely obvious, but can be seen in artificial light when indoors), how many of you will:-

    (a) return the bag;
    (b) keep the bag 'cos it is a good deal (and use only the other side of the bag. Thank goodness BV bags have symmetrical sides) - LOL!

  12. Thanks cutiekiara! Out of curiousity, which of your venetas do you like/love slightly more? The Camel or Nero? I am just wondering if one Veneta can satisfy..... seems like many tpfers have more than one veneta in either different size or different color. I love the camel color, but love the nero and ebano too! Help!
  13. I don't know what I would do myself because I would have to see the bag IRL and decide if the different coloured strip bugged me or not. I do know that some things I could live with and wouldn't ruin my feelings for the bag, whereas others would be enough to ruin it.

    But from your posts I think it DOES bug you enough to return because you are seriously considering taking it back (even your suggestion that you only use it with the other side showing tells me it is NOT acceptable to you) and therefore I would suggest you just return it and get another camel Veneta another time that is perfect and that you will really love without these doubts ruining your enjoyment.

    That is just my two cents.
  14. Hi Minda

    I agree with everyone here. If it bothers you in the slightest then take it back. Unless you can get such a good discount that it feels worthwhile keeping it. I have looked at my Veneta's for you and they are even in colour.

    Good luck with your decision!
  15. Ps.

    I love all my venetas but use them the most in this order:-

    - Nero - large
    - Nocce - large
    - Carmino - large
    - Ebano - large
    - Nero - Medium
    - Pale Blue (not sure what the colour is called) - Medium

    You really cannot go wrong with Nero.

    Hope this helps.