Vara quilted pumps - sizing?

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  1. I have a question on the quilted Vara pumps below:
    I own a pair of the patent Vara pumps in the color Bisque in size 34.5B and they fit me perfectly, despite being quite snug at first (they stretched over time). I'm normally a 34-35 for designer shoes, depending on brands, and my feet are narrow/moderate width.
    Does anyone own a pair of those above who can advice me for the sizing? I have to buy these online, and since the leather is not patent, I'm inclined to purchase 34.5, but just wanting to make sure.

    Thanks so much!
  2. Me not, sorry
  3. I don't own the pair you pictured, but I have a few SF shoes because they are ever so comfy, timeless and effordlessly stylish, I find their sizing absolutely consistent, if one shoe fits you in a size, unless it is a fluke... Personally with heels I do tend to go half a size larger because I put the Scholl insoles in for more comfort. Hope that helps