Vara continental wallet size?

  1. Good Morning, I recently bought a vara continental wallet in the larger size (19x10 cm or 7.4x3.9 inch) as it was the only one in stock at the time. Im currently debating whether I should exchange it for the slightly smaller size (18x9 cm or 7x3.5 inch). Does anyone have either of the wallets and let me know how they feel about it.
    I'm just not sure about the size but the major differences between the two wallets, is that the larger one has a ID flap, an additional card slot and the coin compartment is off-centre and not between the folds of the wallet.

    vara large.JPG vara small.JPG
  2. I don’t have either but you may want to try fitting the oversized version in your handbags. Also the card slots are in the interior vs on the open flap for the regular sized. The accessibility may make a difference to you?
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