Vara C verses Vara 1

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  1. Need some help here... I have seen vara pumps on diff websites described as Vara C while some say Vara 1. I'm confused. What's the difference? Can any kind soul enlighten me? Thanks in advance.
  2. According to Matches, "the Vara C is a slightly wider-fitting version of Salvatore Ferragamo's iconic almond-toe pumps", so presumably the Vara 1 are a narrower fit. I vaguely seem to remember in the past a sales associate telling me that their were different toe box shapes for the Varina so I guess the same may apply to the Vara as well?

    Having a look at some pictures of Varas online, I guess I can see what they might mean, although it is hard to compare photos of shoes that may be of totally different sizes:

    Compare top Red Patent Vara 1 with Patent bow from Harrods online with Red patent Vara C with cloth bow from Matches below. Its hard to see a difference but I do think the all patent version does look overall more pointy and therefore narrower, whereas the cloth bow one seems shallower in the toe box (wider?). How confusing! Its hard enough to find the correct width without having to take into account different versions of the same shoe! I imagine they must also have a very different look on if this is true...
    Vara 1.jpg Vara C.jpg and
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    Thank you, Sandy777, for taking the time and effort to analyse the difference. I have actually made a purchase with Harrods and got the Vara 1 in Wine (a dark red). Btw I also noticed that they have different names for the same colour, depending on the country (truly confusing). Harrods do not usually state the colour in their description and one just to make a decision based on the pics. Somehow 'Wine' is included in this pair that I bought.

    This is the first patent vara that I own, and it's in C cut. I had another pair that is in calf with lace design but in D cut. I expected this patent pair to be tighter but it didn't feel that way... In fact it felt a bit looser compared to my other pair. Really strange. I am not complaining since patent always seems to be tighter at the beginning.

    Recently I read somewhere that vara 1 is those with leather covered heels. I'm not certain if it's true. .

  4. No problem at all, it would be interesting to know the difference, especially if the overall shape of the shoe differs between the Vara C and Vara 1 version. I do think it is true that the Vara 1 has patent leather covered heels and matching patent bow whereas the Vara C has the uncovered wooden 'stacked' heel appearance matched with a cloth bow. It seems all the Vara shoes on Harrods and matches seem to be named this way...though whether there are really any differences in fit/shape I'm not sure...