Vara bow bag reveal

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  1. I got this bag on sale and I was fully expecting that I would most likely return it because it would be too heavy with the chain. I don't really like heavy bags and carry very little. I tried the mini bag and it was too small if only it was about 2 inches longer it would have been perfect for me. But I've been eyeing their bags for a while and I wanted to try something in the more durable saffiano leather. While I love calfskin I prefer pebbled to smooth. Burgandy is one of my favorite colors so I decided to go for it. I was really surprised how much I liked it in person when I opened the box. I switched my stuff over right away which for me is the ultimate test. If I don't want to use a new bag right away it goes back. It is a bit heavier than I'm used too but not unbearably so. I just love how simple and elegant it looks. Here's a few mod pics ignore my mess between the holidays gifts/pre packing I have stuff everywhere. Also ignore my sock/shoe combo I'm try to stretch my glitter shoes out before I go to Vegas next week. I'm 5'3 size 12/14 if it helps anyone considering this style. 20181218_104731.jpg 20181218_104757.jpg 20181218_104839.jpg 20181218_105529.jpg
  2. One last pic 20181218_124411.jpg
  3. Burgundy with gold hardware is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
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  4. Gorgeous bag! I have this in the mini size in black and in nude, and it is just perfect.
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  5. Beautiful . I just got the same bag but in plum. I’m already so amazed by the quality, and durability of the leather.
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  6. The bag is beautiful and it looks very good on you! :smile:
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  7. I love it :smile: I have the same in light pink and I find it really cute and practical at the same time... it holds quite a lot for this size :tup:
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  8. It's so pretty! burgundy is also my color, and it is so pretty in this bag!
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  9. What a gorgeous color and bag! I am looking at this in black as a possible evening bag. I think the smaller version of this might be too small for me since I usually carry more stuff, and also, this looks like the perfect size to transition from day time to evening.
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  10. The next size down is too small. I bought one and I returned it. I don’t carry a lot of stuff at the time I was using a Tory Burch WOC which fit everything perfectly and this was smaller than that.
  11. Here's a idea of how small it is 20181102_100903.jpg
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    This is so helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this picture. :smile: I had been debating going out to the Ferragamo store (which is about a 50 minute drive for me) to view these in person, but I think I will skip the trip. And yes, it is too small for me, especially since I plan to use this bag to transition from day to evening outings.
  13. Well, you should note that the red one that pixiejenna posted above is not the same size as the burgundy Ginny bag that OP posted :smile: The red one is a smaller version (I believe a kind of wallet on a chain), while the burgundy is the biggest version... I have the same in light pink and it holds quite a lot and could be used for day and evening, so maybe you should try that size :smile:
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    Sorry - I realized that I did not make it clear in my second post that I was talking about the red bag, when I said it was too small for me. This is what happens when I post before having my morning cup of coffee! :smile: I was planning to go to the store to try it out and compare to the larger Ginny bag but there is such a significant size difference, based on just the photo the OP posted of the red bag, that there is no need for me to drive out there to compare sizes.

    I think the Ginny bag is the perfect size for me. Thank you for posting the picture - now the hardest thing for me is to choose a color as I absolutely love your pink one as well! I was going to order the black online from one of the department stores, but I am really drawn to this bag in that beautiful shade of pink. Will have to think a bit about which color I want. :smile:
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  15. They have a teal one that I’ve been ogling, fingers crossed that it goes on sale. I really like the pink one too it’s really pretty and neutral.
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