vanny's goodies =)

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  1. Here are my goodies...
    I have 1 LV and 1 gucci wallets. I'll post them later =).
    Enjoy =))
    lv.jpg guccifendi.jpg
  2. Oooh klara, beautiful Louis Vuitton collection !
  3. Great collection - I really like your assortment of Louis. :smile:
  4. FDantastic - I love your Klara
  5. ahh i love your sonatine! and your klara! and everything else. great collection
  6. I love the epi:love: nice collection.
  7. btw... which would you consider to have more room your soufflot or sonatine???? which is easier to get in and out of? I was thinking about purchasing an epi soufflot but not to sure because of that reason.
  8. Me too!!!!!!!!!!!:love: :love: :love: Love them all!
  9. Love the black epi! Great collection.
  10. Love them especially the epi.:love:
  11. LgaV,

    Sonatine is definetly small and thin... but the Soufflot is always the right size for me.. not too big not too small. It's my everyday purse, since i don't want the klara to oxidize too much yet. I think Soufflot has the 2.3 times capacity of Sonatine. I can fit a looooot of stuff in there..

    I can fit my wallet, cellphone (nokia communicator - oh yes my huge phone), lipgloss tubes (2), PSP, PSP charger, 2 PSP games... after that I would still have some room for misc. small things.

    Soufflot's zipper extends 2/3 way to the sides, so getting stuff in and out is so easy. Compared to Sonatine, it's a true blessing. Sometimes I have to stack my stuff into the Sonatine in order for it to fit. =)) I hope that helps.

    u can always check it out @ the lv store =)) love love love it

    would you care for a close up pic??
  12. btw people.. thanks all for your compliment >.< *blush* hehe
  13. Koleksinya bagus vaneea! great bags! love them all.
  14. woaaa.. and indonesian!! :nuts:
    *wave wave* :biggrin: nice to know there's an indo here!!!
    apa kabar? (means how are u for those who don't understand)

    how do u know i'm indonesian?? :blink:
  15. Ada deh..
    I saw you on the thread (who the heck are you?).
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