1. I'm not sure if this is in the right place. If it isn't, im sure one of the mods can move it. But what is the deal with I was browsing for a new bag and that website came up. Are the bags real? used? fake? look alike? I just want to know if they are legit or not.

    Quick responses are appreciated.
  2. Hi Everyone:
    I stumbled upon a site called that supposedly sells gently used handbags and guarantees them as authentic?? Has anyone heard of this?
  3. Totally fake. Stay away!
  4. Totally fake- one needs to look no further than the Ostrich YSL :wtf:
  5. Hi: I'm new to the forum........I ordered a Prada Antic Cervo from them and was going to have it officially authitcated and then return because it would obviously be fake just to see what happened. In the meantime I was not getting any info after my card was charged except a confirmation and was told that I would get my tracking # soon...........and that it would take 7-10 days from the time I ordered it. To make a long story short there was some communication between me and the "sales manager" and he kept saying I would rather refund your money and then when I get the bag I will charge your card and then send it overnight at his cost..........I had previously mentioned to him that I was puzzled to see that he was selling LV's at a discounted price and everyone knows who is a purse lover like me that under no circumstances do LV's go on sale....ever......... so I thought maybe he knew I would bust him. I also asked him if he was waiting for my bag which he claimed was "high qualilty" to come from China and the supplier was out of the bags??........he never responded but the bag is still on the website. He did refund my money but I got the feeling that he did NOT want me to buy this bag. Prada does go on sale from time to time.....they have sales at Saks om Prada and other high end brands but never LVs so I am pretty sure these are fake bags.....I just think they don't think anyone will have them authenticated.....I am 100% oppossed to fake bags for many reasons and would never carry one so I do not recommend this site at all.
  6. 1. No chance in hell those bags would be that cheap if they were authentic.
    2. Louis is sold online only by their own site and
    3. Chanel, I believe is only sold in their own boutiques.
    4. Yeah right those are even their own pictures.
  7. Have anyone purchase from
  8. I remember that reading the site is not posts from Prada&miu miu topic
  9. Hello, I am having a dilemma deciding whether or not to trust a certain website. The site is It claims all of their handbags are 100% authentic or your money back. But they price out the Chanel Cambron purse I want as $378. Now that is just one issue I have with this site. The other is that I'm not sure if this is a certified site selling actual handbags, or some scam artist trying to get niave girls like me to buy bags that don't exist.
    So my question is, has anyone bought anything from If so, how was your experience. Or have you heard anything about the site? PLEASE help me out, as I have been searching and searching...I even tried the BBB but is not a member. I filed a report, however that hasn't been processed yet.
  10. It sounds like a scam. Why would this site sell brand new bags that retail over $1,000 for only $300-$400? Chanel does not sell wholesale so I would avoid them.
  11. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  12. Fake, fake, fake. I looked at the site. LV only sells its items in boutiques and online at No vendor in their right mind would sell these items below retail. Run, do not walk, away from this site!
  13. i agree. i also noticed how the website :tdown: seems to be eluxury inspired, using the same GET IT NOW buttons, gray font, Etc.

    totally fake.:cursing:
  14. i also agree - it is totally fake. Because if you click on the links on the bottom of the main page, it says file error for all links, including policy, contact us etc etc!!! No good website would have broken links!
  15. lol! they don't want anyone knowing their policy or contacting them b/c they're shhaaaaaaaaaaadddy!