Vanity Set-up/storage/organization?

  1. I am converting a desk into a vanity soon and thought I'd consult TPFers to see how you makeup lovers organize your makeup. I'd love to see pictures of your vanities! And I'd love to know where you got your storage containers or organizers and what they are of course.

    I am trying to convert the desk by the end of the summer, but I need some inspiration and creativity!! I appreciate all help!
  2. I have a vanity with the pull up mirror in the center so my vanity middle top is recessed and I store my items in small colored boxes but feel I can do something better to organize. My daughter has a Pottery Barn vanity that is a flat top like a desk and uses a few beautiful oval boxes with handles that we get from Home Goods or TJ Max. You could even use pretty plates and bowls to put items in. My friend has her perfumes standing on a old silver plated tray she bought at a thrift shop. She puts her makeup in a large crystal bowl that she also got in the thrift shop. Have you looked online perhaps on Hgtv rate my space and search for bedroom vanities? I seem to find great decorating ideas online.
  3. Here is mine: :smile:

    there is an existing thread here, you'll find tons of great ideas! :smile: